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Final Fantasy 10-2

Final Fantasy 10-2




Final Fantasy X-2 is the sequel to Final Fantasy X and it’s the first sequel to any of the Final Fantasy games. The game takes place two years after the events of Final Fantasy X. Yuna becomes a sphere hunter to find spheres to unlock the mysteries of a character that looks like Tidus that was shown inside a sphere. Yuna fights alongside with Rikku and Paine who are also sphere hunters. There are also many new characters to this game that adds a whole lot of ordeal to Yuna's adventure.

The gameplay is all turn based, just like the other games, but the difference between this and Final Fantasy X is that it’s an ATB type of battle system and not like the CTB, so you have less time to plan out your next move seeing as everything happens all the time. The sphere grid is gone and it goes back to the basic functions of leveling up your characters, which is probably the easier method of handling the characters. The characters use dress spheres to use different types of elements of attacks which are similar to the classes in Final Fantasy Tactics.

There are different outcomes because of the mission systems that take place allowing Yuna to find different clues to what she is looking for. The story in this game, also answers some questions that were asked in Final Fantasy X by looking at the spheres you get by completing the missions and unravel the past of Spira.

The look of the characters, cities, and monsters are the same, but are crisp and clear as ever. Cinema sequences have also improved, most notably the lip synchronization. The lips move perfectly with the English language compared to occasional off-beat dialogue FFX. You will encounter many of the same monsters, but this is logical due to the fact it is a sequel. New monsters do appear every once in a while, new bosses are also frequent and interesting as ever. Sound is great as ever. The music is more upbeat and happy than in FFX. This fits the atmosphere of FFX-2 though, due to the calm. Pop songs also peek their heads into the soundtrack. These songs are excellent and fit with the storyline wonderfully.

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Publisher: SCEA
Developer: SquareSoft
Release Date: Nov 18, 2003

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