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Final Fantasy 10-2

Final Fantasy 10-2


Gameshark Codes

Master Code
EC879A34 142F7D74

Item Does Not Deacrease
1C8BDD70 2444D7C2

Gil Increases X Times
1C8CA134 3853E7A7
1C8CA140 3854E7??

A7 2 times
A1 4 times
9D 8 times
B5 16 times
D7 50 times
0C 250 times

Experience Level One Battle Max
1C8CA1B0 2058EC2B

Experience Level Increases X Times After Battle
1C8CA148 1053A3A1
1C8CA148 1053A3A1
9C9AB338 9223E501
9C9AB33C 14434???
9C9AB340 15F6E79D
9C9AB344 B223E501

F65 2 times
F25 4 times
FE5 8 times
EA5 16 times
F68 0.5 times

AP Max After Battle
1C8CA1A0 3857089C

AP Increases X Times After Battle
1C8CA158 1053A3A5
9C9AB328 8A34E5FD
9C9AB32C 1454D???
9C9AB330 15F6E79D
9C9AB334 BA34E5FD

765 2 times
725 4 times
7E5 8 times
6A5 16 times
768 0.5 times

Play Time Max
1C8653B0 3854E7A7

Play Time Zero
1C865398 2053E7A5

Play Time Growth X Times
1C8653BC 3873E7??

A5 Stopped
A7 2 times
A1 4 times
9D 8 times
B5 16 times
D7 50 times
0C 255 times

HP Ability Value Max
1C8BC984 204EE7A7

MP Ability Value Max
1C8BC9B8 3853089C

Atk Ability Value Max
1C8BC9F4 3854E70C

Def Ability Value Max
1C8BC830 3854E70C

Magic Ability Value Max
1C8BC86C 3854E70C

Magic Def Ability Value Max
1C8BC8A8 3854E70C

Speed Ability Value Max
1C8BC8E4 3854E70C

Evasion Ability Value Max
1C8BC820 3854E70C

Hit % Ability Value Max
1C8BCB5C 3854E70C

Luck Ability Value Max
1C8BCB98 3854E70C

Al Bhed Master

Yuna Maximum HP Values
1CA347AC 145????

Rikku Maximum HP Values
1CA34704 145????

Yuna Maximum MP Values
1CA347B0 145????

Rikku Maximum MP Values
1CA34708 145????

Paine Maximum MP Values
1CA34660 145????

6E7A5 0
6E781 100
6E6B9 300
6E4FD 1000
608B5 10000
63AD5 30000
5962C 99999

Ratio of 100%
1C848D70 3854E7A6