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About FAQ Guides

The Guide Section Features part in the site where people submit there guide or walkthrough. The section is in .txt. Just in case you dont know what your looking at. This is one of the biggest guide section on the net.
If you have a FAQ you have written for Final Fantasy X-2, and you would like to have it featured on Final Fantasy Extreme, all you have to do is go to the Contact Us link, and send us an email. You must have written the document in .txt format if not we just won't accept it. We choose the best we get so viewers won't be lost looking at it.

All the FAQ's on this site have been written by people who feel they can help your gamming experience of Final Fantasy X-2. On the FAQ's there are e-mail addresses and web sites if you want further help, or wish to bring a mistake to the attention of the author.
Final Fantasy Extreme is in NO way responsible for any spoilers of mistakes on the FAQ's, so please do not send us complaints. None of the FAQ's on this page have been written, published or copyrighted by Final Fantasy Extreme. Do not email Final Fantasy Extreme asking to use this FAQ's due to the fact that we do not own them. If you wish to download these files to view anytime, right click on the file you wish to download and click "save as" or just view them on the site.


FAQ Guides

General FAQs Author Version
FAQ/Walkthrough Blackestmage --
FAQ/Walkthrough Bremen 1.8
FAQ/Walkthrough IiNcXz Final
FAQ/Walkthrough Karpah / Psycho Penguin 1.0
FAQ/Walkthrough Mad Monarch Gyl 2.5
FAQ/Walkthrough Paradisio 1.0
FAQ/Walkthrough Split Infinity Final
Spoiler-Free Walkthrough Mad Monarch Gyl 4.6
FAQ/Walkthrough JungleJim 1.3
FAQ/Walkthrough nm14 2.5
In-Depth FAQs
 100% Story Level Completion Guide Kouli 2.5
 Ability Symbol Guide (GIF) luckylink17 1.0
 Ability/Dress FAQ (JIS) EChang 1.0
 Accessory FAQ Terces17 0.74
 Angra Mainyu FAQ Fantasy Gamer 1.8
 Automatic AP Maxing FAQ Collecting My Lesson 1.11
 Battle Quotes List Agent0042 / Zeruel
 Bestiary FAQ The Weapon Master 0.2
 Bevelle 100 Dungeon FAQ charmin 1.0
 Bikanel Digging Guide Split Infinity Final
 Blitzball FAQ Jack Power 1.4
 Blitzball Player Stats FDelles 1.1
 Blue Bullet FAQ Split Infinity Final
 Boss FAQ Split Infinity Final
 Bribe FAQ Split Infinity Final
 Cactuar Searching Guide Fantasy Gamer
 Calm Lands Mini-Games Guide Chocobahn 1.07
 Chocobo Dugeon Map (GIF) The Game Spawn Final
 Chocobo Ranch Guide Split Infinity Final
 Coin FAQ Mento NCN
 CommSphere FAQ DaKillrFrmScream 1.4
 Crimson (Akagi) Sphere FAQ Kouli Final
 Debug Menu FAQ Lord Ramza 0.2
 Dressphere Ability FAQ StarNeptune 1.4
 Dressphere Stats by Level FFBeowulf 1.1
 Dresspheres/Garment Grids Locations Guide Split Infinity Final
 Ending Guide Aerius 2.5
 Enemy Database hardcore rpg gamer 0.80
 Enemy Encyclopedia SinirothX / Zeruel Not Final
 Episode Complete Guide EChang 1.0
 Episode Concluded Script Agent0042 0.88
 Final Dungeon Musical Pillars Diagram (GIF) Xythar 1.0
 Game Script OKong
 Good Ending Translation Kouli Final
 Gull Force Guide ChibiWallin 1.0
 Gunner's Gauntlet Guide Split Infinity Final
 Item Locations FAQ ArionX 2
 Item/Accessories List (JIS) UltimusX 1.20
 Key Items FAQ The Weapon Master 1.01
 Lady Luck's Reels and Dice Guide Split Infinity Final
 Level 99 Dress Sphere Data Kouli Final
 Low Level Game Challenge Guide Kouli 1.5
 Mascot Speed Guide Split Infinity Final
 Mi'ihen Highroad Mystery Cave FAQ Kouli 1.0
 Mix List Split Infinity Final
 Monster Data/Steal/Bribe Guide (JIS) Red Scarlet 1.12
 Monster List Kain Stryder Final
 New Game Plus Guide Krishach 0.96
 Normal Ending Translation JillV Final
 Optimal v100% Story Completion Guide KG21 5.0
 Optional Missions Guide Split Infinity Final
 Original Sountrack FAQ Luna_ 0.1
 Oversoul/Steal/Enemy Statistics FAQ Guardcrush
 Perfect Ending Translation Kouli Final
 Perfect Game Walkthrough nemes1s 2.02
 PR Mission FAQ Shuuin X2 1.10
 Regional/International Version Changes Split Infinity Final
 Result Plate FAQ Kouli Final
 Result Plate/Garment Grid FAQ (JIS) EChang 1.3
 Rin's Mi'ihen Mystery Guide Split Infinity Final
 Search Sphere Quest FAQ NightMare185 0.1
 Secret Dungeon of Mi'ihnen Highroad Map (GIF) ABlaster 1.0
 Shop List ABlaster 1.00
 Side Events Dialog Translations JillV 1.1
 Sky Slots Diagram (GIF) Aziz Strife 7777 1.1
 Song Lyrics Agent0042
 Song Lyrics Kouli Final
 Sphere Break FAQ sakuracream 3.0
 Story Summary Kouli 1.0
 Temple Hole Guide Menji76 Final
 Thunder Plains New Cave FAQ Kouli 1.0
 Thunder Plains New Cave Map (GIF) Cidolfas 1.1
 Thunder Plains Tower Calibration FAQ NightMare185 1.2
 Translation Guide (JIS) qazxsw 0.890
 Via Infinito FAQ NightMare185 3.2
 Zalamander Cave Map (GIF) SephirothSolace 1.05
 Zanarkand Ruins Monkey Mating Map (GIF) Ramen Junkie 1.0
Foreign Language FAQs
 FAQ/Walkthrough (Spanish) DROSS Complete
 FAQ/Walkthrough (Spanish) Lina Inverse Final
 FAQ/Walkthrough (Dutch) Mister FANTASTIC 1.6
 FAQ/Walkthrough (Dutch) Patt3rson 1.0 - Done
Demo FAQs
 FAQ/Walkthrough Mobius Soul 1.0
Patch Code Lists
 Pro Action Replay Codes Adrammelech 0.3