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Final Fantasy 10

Final Fantasy 10


Page 1 The Basics Page 7 Experience
Page 2 The BlitzBall Field Page 8 Team Management
Page 3 Action Commands Page 9 Starting a Game
Page 4 Status Ailments Page 10 Learning and using Techniques
Page 5 Player Movement Page 11 Recruiting and Scouting
Page 6 Formations

About BlitzBall

Blitzball is the traditional sporting event in Spira. Living in the shadow of Sin, residents need something to take their mind off their problems. The sport is just as popular today as it was a thousand years ago in Zanarkan. Blitzball is a game like football but you play it under water.

This Blitzball online strategy guide is one of the (if not "the") most detailed and completed guide on the internet. No sites are allow to use this information for their site without asking us. If you don't ask, legal actions could be taken place.