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Final Fantasy 10

Final Fantasy 10


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Yuna's Weapons

Name Buy Sell Where
Rod - 12 First equipped weapon
Wise Rod (1)250 (1)62 You can buy it in: (1) Porto - Kiriika, Temple Ordeal Room
(2)1050 (2)262 (2) In front of valley in Kinoko Rock Highway
Enchant Rod 150 37 You can buy it in: Besaid Village, Luka, Mi' ihen Highway
Runic Rod 550 137 You can buy it in: Inn of Joze Temple
Darkness Rod 7076 1769 You can buy it in: Illusionary River
Belladonna Wand 3075 768 You can buy it in: Guard Salam (?)
Glow Wand 1237 309 You can buy it in: Traveling company of the thunder plain.