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Final Fantasy 11

Final Fantasy 11


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Abjurations & Cursed

In the world of Vana'diel there are powerful items created through a set of simple but difficult actions. The idea behind this equipment involves cursed items that can only be utilized by finding a corresponding abjuration to remove the curse and transform it into usable equipment. The final equipment is often referred to as "abjuration armor", because of the process involved in creating it. There are six different sets of abjuration armor, which each contain pieces for five armor slots: head, body, hands, legs and feet. All of the abjuration armor has a few characteristics in common: it is all Rare and Exclusive , it can only be used by a level 73 or higher character, and it is all limited in the jobs that can wear it. There are positive and negative effects on abjuration armor; wearing all five pieces from a single set gives large bonuses to certain stats, along with counterbalancing penalties to others. Apart from the six sets of armor, there are two abjuration items used to create consumable food and drink items.

Three steps are needed to create a usable uncursed item: obtaining an abjuration item, obtaining the crafted cursed item that matches it, and taking them to the priest Alphollon C Meriard to create the final, usable item.

Obtaining Abjurations

Abjuration items are dropped from some of the hardest monsters across Vana'diel, making this a difficult task indeed. Alliances of characters level 70+ are required to take down the guardians, Gods, and other powerful opponents that provide abjuration items. Each of these monsters only drop a handful of the many different abjuration items. The armor abjuration items are all Exclusive, while the abjurations used to create consumables are Exclusive , but not Rare ; this limits the availability of abjuration items to those characters who are personally involved in defeating these dangerous foes. When an abjuration item drops, it is usually given to one of the characters in the alliance who has a job that can utilize the final level 73 armor. An armor abjuration item can be used with either the standard or high quality version of its respective cursed piece.

Obtaining Cursed

A cursed piece is a crafted item that cannot be worn or utilized by itself. All cursed items require very high level crafting skills to create: skill above 90 is needed in the primary crafting guild, and some pieces also require a secondary crafting skill of 50-60. These cursed items are not Rare or Exclusive, and can be sold in the Auction House under the Others / Cursed Items category. The ingredients required to create a cursed item are often expensive on their own, causing many of the cursed items to cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of gil if purchased at the Auction House. The Cursed Beverage and Cursed Soup that make the consumable drink and food items are much cheaper, although still expensive for food or drink. All of the cursed items that can be turned into armor also have a high quality version. These high quality cursed items are notated with a -1 after the name, which is then turned into the high quality +1 armor. For example, the standard item to use with the Aquarian Abjuration: Head is the Cursed Crown, which creates a Zenith Crown. If the abjuration item is instead used with the high quality Cursed Crown -1, it becomes the more powerful Zenith Crown +1 when it is uncursed.