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What makes a large majority of the population of Ivalice is Humes or Humans. Each set of Humes has their own intelligence, facial and body features, and cultural belief systems.  Though there are many other intelligent races in the world of Ivalice, there are also many races on the same equal rights and terms as Humes. Humes with less intelligence are considered laborers and slaves. Races that are more intelligent tend to prefer not show themselves in the presence of Humes.



Deep in the green forests of Ivalice you will the tall and thin Viera. Their slender bodies and long silver hair are only a few of the features that make this race more immaculate and beautiful compared to any other race in Ivalice. Like elves, they can live up to three times the average life span of Humes. Had it not been for the fact they have long ears, height and life span, they would be considered Humes. You will note that there are two types of Viera. Rava Viera have brown skin and Veena Viera have white skin.

They also have superb eyesight compared to that of Humes. It is said that they can spot their from as far as 10 km (6.21 miles) distance. Not to forget their sense of hearing, this allows them to tell the difference in footsteps which comes in handy if they are being hunted themselves. Having lost their ancient homelands to war over 450 years ago, the Viera began to live among the Humes. While pure blooded Viera remained in the forests, the mixed lineage of Rava and Veena began to integrate with Humes.



Over thousands of years this race evolved from reptiles. Their hard scales which envelope large portions of the body give this race the upper hand in defense. A very distinctive feature they carry is the long ears which hand low from their head. Like the Viera, this race has more than one type of itself. It has not only 2 but a total of 4 different types of Bangaa.

The Banga-Fass have dark bronze skin and are distinctive by their athleticism. In the Bangaa Language it said that “Fass” may mean soldier or “a strong sense of justice.”

The Bangaa-Bista have a copper like skin, while the Bangaa- Sanga have dark grey ashy skin. Bangaa-Ruga has yellowish brown skin. These Bangaa are more gentile than most. It can be distinguished not only by its skin color but its shorter ears. These Bangaa are more likely to be instructors or monks.
Other differences in the Bangaa are that they have low reproductive cycles, yet they also can live up to 2 times the average Hume lifespan. Because of similar lifestyles and intelligence, the Bangaa have been able to coexist with Humes in society quite comfortably.

It is also said that because the Bangaa have small voice limits, they are only able to command the lower level of magic’s. However there is a specific magic for the Bangaa race. Various Bangaa play vital roles in its society. The Bangaa-Ruga and Fass generally make the laws and keep order among the Bangaa. Bista and Sanga lead more layed back types of lifestyle, making it easier to live and interact among Humes more comfortably (think upper middle class). While some Bangaa (for example the Ruga) either become rebels or fighters, other Bangaa will become thugs and live to attack people and perhaps steal. Though Lizard Men are closely related to the Bangaa, it is the fact they have such low intelligence that separates them from Bangaa. If you were to walk down the street and insult ANY Bangaa with the name of “Lizard Man” or “Lizard People,” they would take high offense; especially the things and rebels.


Standing at 80 to 100cm tall (2-3 feet), these creatures look like small teddy bears with bat like wings. Atop their heads they have a small red pom-pom that bounces about an antenna. Mistaken for fur, it really soft and fine hair that covers their bodies. They share similar intelligence and lifestyles with Humes, making it easy for them to interact and live amongst them in society. Not only are they known for their intellect in engineering, they are also the first to have manufactured an airship. Having Moogles in society amongst Humes allows for further and more advanced technological contraptions and discoveries.

However not all Moogles are known to be engineers. Some even become mages or knights. Throughout Ivalice’s history, the Moogle-Technology was used in wars between Humes, Monsters and other races.

Moogles reside not only amongst the Humes, but other races as well. Some Moogles are even so advanced in their knowledge of Technology they have even mastered the Ultimate Technology known as Etoria. While it may seem like any other city, Moogle have a capital in the heart the city specifically tailored for smaller Moogles. Mostly the Hume and Bangaa pass by this part of the city each day. Though there is unidentified technology that is installed within the city, even the smartest of all Moogles do not understand it. Nor has one begun to be able to.



Seeq, a race said to have evolved from pigs; it is unknown specifically where they reside in society. They have low intelligence, but it is their fast speed that makes them excellent fighters and combatants. Not only do they have superb abilities in combat but they also make excellent guards and mercenaries in wars and armies. What allows them to have such great speed and fast movements is they have both excellent offense and defense qualities. With no moral, the Seeq are considered to be highly barbarous. Most of the Seeq become thieves. They fancy gold and other jewelry which they enjoy decorating their ugly bodies and heads.