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Final Fantasy 6

Final Fantasy 6


FFVI Characters

Name Age
Terra Branford 18
Class/Occupation Height
Mage Knight 5'7"
Special Command Weight
Morph 105

Terra is one of the main characters in FF6/3. Born half Esper and half human, she possess valuable magical powers. These powers were greatly sought after by Emperor Gastahl and his minions, so she was controlled by a slave-crown (an item which robs one of all indivivual thought) and used as a Magi-tek soldier. However, she is rescued from this fate by a group of rebels, and after some confusion joins them to bring the empire down! Terra is the only character who can use magic other than Celes for the first while. Eventually everyone else can with the help of Magicite (See Espers), but she pretty much stays one of the best at it.


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