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Final Fantasy 6

Final Fantasy 6


FFVI Characters

Name Age
Locke Cole 25
Class/Occupation Height
Treasure Hunter 5'9"
Special Command Weight
Steal / Capture 147

A bit of a hero and a bit of a devil, Locke is the lovable 'Treasure-Hunter' who helps Terra at the beginning of the game. Plagued by a past in which he abandoned someone he loved, resulting in their death, Locke offers to help each and every troubled young girl he meets. Though he feels guilty about this incident from his past, it really isn't all that much his fault. You see, Locke's fiancee fell and hit her head while they were out Treasure-Hunting together. As a result she lost her memory, and her parents were so mad at Locke they kicked him out. Then they were killed by the empire, but Locke had his girl's body very well preserved in hopes he could find a way to bring her back. Locke has the all-too-useful 'Steal' ability. Don't knock it, because some items can only be obtained this way. Locke can be a very strong character, just don't call him a "Thief"!


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