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Final Fantasy 6

Final Fantasy 6


FFVI Characters

Name Age
Sabin Rene Figaro 27
Class/Occupation Height
Black Belt 6'3"
Special Command Weight
Blitz 233

Edgar's twin brother and the former prince of Figaro, Sabin abandoned his home kingdom for a life that was his and his alone to control. Don't get me wrong. This guy cares deeply about his home and his brother, he just can't stomach the weight of ruling. But where politics fail him, he more than makes up for in strength of body and character. You gotta admire a guy who can stand his ground when defending his friends and his beliefs, as well as total a train with the help of a friend or two. Sabin joins the group after the escape from Figaro with Edgar, having finally decided upon the death of his Master to use his skills to help save the world! Sabin can use the wonderful 'Blitz' ability. This allows him to show off some of his awesome fighting moves, so long as you enter the right combinations on the controller.


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