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Final Fantasy 6

Final Fantasy 6


FFVI Characters

Name Age
Edgar Roni Figaro 27
Class/Occupation Height
Engineer 6'2"
Special Command Weight
Tools 169

The play-boy king of Figaro, Edgar has hit on each and every female in his kingdom, including the High Priestess! But besides his soft-spot for women, Edgar is a brilliant inventor and a wise king. His twin brother Sabin ran out on the kingdom shortly after the death of their parents, not wanting any part in ruling. That left Edgar on his own to decide the fate of his people. So he wisely chose to pretend to friends with the empire, secretely aided the rebels. This charade fallls through, however, when Kefka finds him harbouing Terra. But don't worry. Edagar, Locke, and Terra easily escape. As for Figaro...well, let's just say it manages to burrow it's way out of this sticky situation! Edgar has the unique but powerful 'Tools' ability. This allows him to whip out some of his latest and greatest inventions to demolish his enemies.


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