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Final Fantasy 6

Final Fantasy 6


FFVI Characters

Name Age
Shadow Unknown,(Mid 30's)
Class/Occupation Height
Assassin 5'10"
Special Command Weight
Throw 145

Withdrawn and aloof, Shadow is a lone-wolf assassin who's only companion is a dog named Interceptor. For the longest time he wafts in and out of your party like a wave of mist, before he finally decides to join forces on a more permanent basis. At one point he even works for the Empire! But at heart Shadow is a good person, haunted by memories of feelings and people he had blocked out to keep the pain of they're loss away. He can't even admit to himself how truly good and caring he is at heart, prefering to think of himself as a cold-hearted, selfish no one. Shadow can 'Throw' weapons or special items at enemies. This ability can really help ease a battle, but whatever you throw does not come back.


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