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Final Fantasy 6

Final Fantasy 6


Page 1 The 8 Dragons Page 8 The Lost Castle
Page 2 Aquiring GOGO Page 9 Gau's Lost Father
Page 3 Desperation Attacks Page 10 The Lost Magicite
Page 4 Narche, Mog and Umaro Page 11 The Esper Auction
Page 5 Kefka's Treasure Page 12 The Demon that Roams
Page 6 Cyan's Nightmare Page 13 Shadow in Retrospect
Page 7 Strago's Unrelieving Past

FFVI Sidequests

In the Final Fantasy Games it is a tradition that there are many added extras hidden along your journey. Sidequests aren't just good for getting special items to help you through the game, but they also can give you much more information in to the story line. Sidequests are an important part of Final Fantasy VI and have to be completed to properly beat the game.