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Final Fantasy 6

Final Fantasy 6


Page 1World of Balance (WOB)
Page 2 World of Ruin (WOR)
Page 3Sidequests

World of Balance

Page 1 The Esper Mystery Page 16 The Town of Kohlingen
Page 2 The Adventure Begins Page 17 The Town of Jidoor
Page 3 Onward to Figaro Page 18 The Search for Terra
Page 4 Journey to Figaro Page 19 The Opera House
Page 5 South Figaro Page 20 Setzer Gamble
Page 6 Mt. Kolts Page 21 The Town of Albrook
Page 7 The Returners Page 22 Rescue of the Espers
Page 8 Protect Banon Page 23 Return to Narche
Page 9 A - Sabins Mission Page 24 The Espers
Page 10 A:2 - To Narche Page 25 Towards Vector
Page 11 The Trip to Mobliz Page 26 Trip to the Cresent Island
Page 12 Town of Mobliz Page 27 Thamasa
Page 13 Cresent Mountain Page 28 A Fate Undenied
Page 14 B - The Escape Page 29 The Floating Continent
Page 15 Banon & Kefka Assault  
B - Escape from South Figaro and Celes
Elixir, Ether, Ribbon, Earrings, Regal Cutlass, Iron Armor, X-Potion
Party's level

Here you see the Locke needs to find a way out fast. Don't talk to any imperial soldiers on Magitek armor because you have little chance of beating them(unless you have a Gameshark!), but even if you lose you won't have to start over again. Now head inside the item shop and talk to the merchant near the clock, he will cause Locke a thief but if he doesn't call him Treasure Hunter Locke will rip his lungs out. Then a fight will ensue, this battle is way too easy, but use the Steal command and you will steal his clothes!

 Now that you are dressed like a merchant head for the house down below and talk to the kid that was previously blocking your path and he will let you through. Now go outside the house and talk to green officer at the top left part on the balcony of the town. In this battle use the Steal command and steal his clothing and you will now be able to get through to the inn. Talk to the guard that was blocking your path towards the inn and he will let you through since he thought it was time for his break. Head for the inn and go to the basement floor and talk to the merchant, he thinks your trying to steal his cider so a fight ensues.

 Defeat him normally if you want but steal clothes this time because you will need to head back through that house the kid was blocking again. After the battle you will have taken the old man's cider, go to the house where the kid was blocking your path and saying that only merhants can pass through and at the top floor give the old man his cider and he will give you some information about a hidden passage and he also forgot the password, but talk to his grandson down stairs and the password is "Courage" and after giving him the password a hidden path will open up for you.

 Inside make your way downstairs and it will take you to the underground passage through to the manor's house. In here check the clock for an ELIXIR and then head outside and around into the manor's house and head for the first room from the left upstairs and go behind the bookshelf and it will lead to a secret passage. Down here there are some pretty strong enemies, you might want to avoid them. As you continue on Locke will stop by the approaching door and notices someone familiar, its one of the Empire's generals. Inside the romm the guard continuously hits the general for being a traitor: "Product of genetic engineering, battle-hardened Magitek Knight, with a spirit as pure as snow..."

 "Product of genetic engineering, battle-hardened Magitek Knight, with a spirit as pure as snow..."

 Here you will be given the only chance in the game to name this character anything you want, but leave it at the default so that you can follow the storyline a bit easier. Afterwards Celes is knocked out cold to the floor and the guard tells the other guard to watch over her. Outside Locke is hiding and when the guard leaves he jumps down. Head inside the room and you will notice that the guard is sleeping, talk to Celes and remove her chains.

 Afterwords they introduce themselves, Locke doesn't care if she was a general and allows her to come with him, but she refuses, but Locke promises that he will protect her. So she finally agrees Locke leaves, but not before checking the soldier and take the Clock Key, you'll startle the guard a bit but he quickly goes back to sleep. Now head out and into the next room and inside is a save point, so save your game and heal your wounds if any. Now continue onto the next room and inside there are 3 treasure chests 500 GP, 1500 GP, and one that is empty.

 I suggest that you leave the empty one alone, so if you did check the treasure chest reset your game and don't pick up that empty treasure chest. Now check the clock above and wind the clock and a secret passage will open. Now head on through and in this next area pick up the treasure chests in the room which contain a IRON ARMOR, EARRINGS relic, HEAVY SHLD, and a REGALCUTLASS. Now head for the upper staircase to the top right, and before you head out Celes wonders why Locke is trying to help her, he does so because she reminds her of someone.

 Now head outside and into the Sotuh Figaro cave. Work your way around the place, but remember the room where you had a treasure chest containing a TINCTURE? If you did not pick up the TINCTURE earlier you can go back and pick up a THUNDER ROD. If you did pick up the treasure chest earlier then obviously there would be nothing there. As you make your way out Locke will finally notice a wierd noise emitting in the cave. But before the two can make their way out something coming out of the wall attacks them.

Boss Stratergy TunnelArmr HP: 1300
ITEM: Elixir

This boss will be pretty tough. Have Celes use her Runic command so that all magic used from the TunnelArmr will be avsorbed as MP points. Have Locke attack as normal and keep your HP up and above 100. If you have the THUNDER ROD, use it and he's gone with a snap of a finger. Don't worry if you lose though, this boss is tough anyways. But if you are playing the PSX version you might not want to lose since you will have to deal with the bad loading time anyways!

After the battle the two head for Narche and now its time to choose the last scenario.