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Final Fantasy 6

Final Fantasy 6


Page 1World of Balance (WOB)
Page 2 World of Ruin (WOR)
Page 3Sidequests

World of Balance

Page 1 The Esper Mystery Page 16 The Town of Kohlingen
Page 2 The Adventure Begins Page 17 The Town of Jidoor
Page 3 Onward to Figaro Page 18 The Search for Terra
Page 4 Journey to Figaro Page 19 The Opera House
Page 5 South Figaro Page 20 Setzer Gamble
Page 6 Mt. Kolts Page 21 The Town of Albrook
Page 7 The Returners Page 22 Rescue of the Espers
Page 8 Protect Banon Page 23 Return to Narche
Page 9 A - Sabins Mission Page 24 The Espers
Page 10 A:2 - To Narche Page 25 Towards Vector
Page 11 The Trip to Mobliz Page 26 Trip to the Cresent Island
Page 12 Town of Mobliz Page 27 Thamasa
Page 13 Cresent Mountain Page 28 A Fate Undenied
Page 14 B - The Escape Page 29 The Floating Continent
Page 15 Banon & Kefka Assault  

The Way to the Opera House via Jidoor

Party's level

Here when you talk to everyone, previously they had talked about Zozo and the thiefs, now they are talking about Maria the Opera Singer and the airship. Now go inside Ozwer's House located at the north end and talk to the Impresario who mistakes Celes for Maria, but he then finds out that she is not the real Maria and leaves. However Celes seems a bit flattered that she can relate to the Opera singer Maria. Now as you walk out the Impresario has dropped an envelope, examine it and the Master will come in. It appears that a mysterious wandering gambler wants Maria as his wife, something which has startled the Impresario ever since it has arrived. The scene shifts towards the wandering gambler:

  "A blackjack-playing, world-traveling, casino-dwelling free spirit..."

 Here you will be given the chance to name the character, so name him Setzer and leave it at that. It appears that Setzer is the owner of the world's only airship. The party then decides to set up a meeting with Setzer. Now head south towards the Opera House.