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Final Fantasy 6

Final Fantasy 6


Page 1World of Balance (WOB)
Page 2 World of Ruin (WOR)
Page 3Sidequests

World of Balance

Page 1 The Esper Mystery Page 16 The Town of Kohlingen
Page 2 The Adventure Begins Page 17 The Town of Jidoor
Page 3 Onward to Figaro Page 18 The Search for Terra
Page 4 Journey to Figaro Page 19 The Opera House
Page 5 South Figaro Page 20 Setzer Gamble
Page 6 Mt. Kolts Page 21 The Town of Albrook
Page 7 The Returners Page 22 Rescue of the Espers
Page 8 Protect Banon Page 23 Return to Narche
Page 9 A - Sabins Mission Page 24 The Espers
Page 10 A:2 - To Narche Page 25 Towards Vector
Page 11 The Trip to Mobliz Page 26 Trip to the Cresent Island
Page 12 Town of Mobliz Page 27 Thamasa
Page 13 Cresent Mountain Page 28 A Fate Undenied
Page 14 B - The Escape Page 29 The Floating Continent
Page 15 Banon & Kefka Assault  

Towards Vector and Rescue of the Espers

X-Potion, Flame Sabre, Zephyr Cape, Blizzard, Gold Armor, Dragoon Boots, Gold Helmet, Thunder Blade, Break Sword, Remedy, Tent
Party's level

In here buy any weapons and armor that you may need and then talk to the old man behind the crates in the center of this room. He will distract the guards while the party climbs the box and enters the facility. So when he does climb the boxes and around, when you reach behind the guards don't go near them otherwise a fight will ensue and you will have to start all over again. Now continue towards the top and into the heart of the facility. Do you hear the techno type of music? Pretty neat huh with it mixing with the clangs of metal.

Continue towards the left side of the room and take the swinging hook over to
the left side and also pick up the FLAME SABRE. Then head back to the middle
of the room and through the pipes to pick up a TINCTURE. Then head for the
pipe to the left and you will climb down to the lower part of the room. Pick
up the X-POTION, and go towards the right to pick up the THUNDERBLADE and a
REMEDY. When your done head down to the bottom portion of the facility. At
the bottom of the facility head towards the lower part of this room and you
should find a TENT inside a treasure chest and a GOLD HELMET which is located
at the bottom left of this room.

 Also don't forget to pick up the DRAGOONBOOTS relic at the left side and at the top left is a door which leads to a GOLD SHLD. When your done head for the walkrail where the Magitek armor is and it will take to the right side of the room, but then the party spots Kefka. He has drained the espers of their powers and throws them to the walkrail that leads to the room below. Follow where the espers were thrown off. Here before you talk to the two espers take the room to the right and inside is a save point, so save your game and heal your wounds if any. When you talk to the espers they will attack you.

Boss Stratergy Ifrit HP: 3300
Item: N/A

In this battle make sure that you are not equiped with the FLAME SABRE otherwise you will be healing Ifrit. Use Ice on him if you have it and hopefully someone did use the DRAGOONBOOTS relic so you can Jump Ifrit and also avoid some of his attacks at the same time. In this battle have Cyan use his level 4 SwdTech(if you have it, if not use the next best thing), have Sabin use his Suplex or Aurabolt, have Edgar attack with his Chain Saw, have Locke attack regularly(I suggest you give the DRAGOONBOOTS to Locke), have Celes use Ice magic on Ifrit and have Gau use any one of his Rage commands. After a while Ifrit will notice that you have Ramuh's powers and Shiva comes in and will sacrifice herself as well.

NOTE: Although there is some alternation between Shiva and Ifrit between battles, there were several occassional times when I had fought Shiva and Ifrit alone.

Boss Stratergy BOSS BATTLE: Shiva HP: 3000

 I'm not sure if you are suppose to fight her, but if you do here are the strategies. The game's Bonus menu lists her stats so I'm assuming that she is a boss, but I never really fought her before. This battle is basically the same as above except this time you will have to use Fire attacks obviously and equip the FLAME SABRE in this battle. After you defeat her Ifrit will come in and realize that you hold Ramuh's powers.

 After the battle Ifrit and Shiva have little to live. Talk to the both of them and they will do the same thing Ramuh did with his power and entrust it into the party. So pick up the Magicite Shiva and Ifrit and continue onto the next room, the path Shiva was blocking. In here its just a long series of stairs, so make your way to the top. In this next room is the Magitek Res. Facility, to the bottom left of this room is a hidden passage which leads to a BREAK BLADE. After that continue onto the next room there will be a robot in your path. Talk to it and a fight will ensue.

Boss Stratergy No. 024 HP: 4777
ITEM: Blizzard spear

This battle is fairly easy, he has no weaknesses even though he is a machine. Attack normally by having Celes attack regularly as with Locke. Have Cyan use his Swdtech, Sabin his Blitz, and Gau any of his Rage attacks. Have Edgar use his Chain Saw and continue this pattern while keeping your HP above 250.

 After the battle continue through to the next room, here go up top and hit the switch. The espers doesn't have much long to live as they will turn themselves into Magicite. Then Cid comes in and examines the magicite and discovers something new about the espers. Then the magicite will break out and entrust their power in the party. It appears the Celes and Cid know each other, and Cid thinks that Celes came here to cause an uprising.

 Then Kefka makes his entrance and tells Celes to hand over the magicite shards, Locke is shocked to hear this as he thinks Celes has betrayed him. Celes however wants Locke to trust her, but he has doubts and then suddenly the Magitek troops come in and knock the party out as Celes clings on to the side. Celes now wants to protect Locke and maybe then he will believe her, she teleports the Magitek troops and Kefka away and she goes with them as well.

 Afterwards the contents of the capsules have spilled and the place is about to collapse, but he tells the party to quickly follow him. Cid realizes now that Kefka was using him and using the Empire and he decides to talk to the Emperor to have the war stopped. When you reach the bottom save your game and talk to Cid. Cid apparently was the one who raised her, but it was not his fault that Celes was forced to become a Magitek Knight and thus has done some inconsiderate things.

 He feels bad for her and he wishes if he could talk to her and apologize for the way things have turned out. Then Kefka's laughter echoes through, Cid then pushes the party onto the mine cart and tells the party to escape. During the middle of this you will have to fight a couple of battles with MagRoaders. At the end of the trail you will encounter the boss of the railway.

Boss Stratergy Crane(2) HP: 1800(Left Crane) 2300(Right Crane)

This boss will be very tough. Go through the regular routine like before but in this battle avoid using Fire magic as you will heal the cranes. Also keep your HP above 550, the Magnitude8 will cause a lot of damage to your party so you might want to watch out for that. Thunder spells work well to the right crane but the left crane is strong against that. Both however are weak against water attacks, but I don't think that you might even have a water spell at this point yet.

After the battle the party escapes from Vector and Locke is a bit worried about Terra so they decide to head back to Zozo. Inside when the meet with Terra, locke shows her the magicite. Terra then remembers her past, and it appears that she was raised in an esper world. The scene flashes back towards Terra's past, here you will control or reinact what happened. Have the epser walk around and talk to the other espers and you will find someone laying on the ground, pick her up and Maduin(the esper you are controlling) will take her to a bed for some rest.

 Then talk to the girl that you had saved and she will awaken. Maduin wants the girl to keep the pendant that protects the esper world, the espers are pretty upset about bringing a human back to health. Maduin however is tired of living in the human world, he sees the world as infectous, full of desire and greed. Then in the morning the girl had already headed for the gate, head for the gate atop. When you find Madonna she wants to leave because humans and espers can never co-exist, but how do they know unless they observe for themselves?

 The two then have a baby, they've given the new born a name...Terra. Then its two years later and the troops are after magitek power. Emperor Gestahl wants all the espers and offers riches to any one who can capture an esper. Meanwhile Maduin and Madonna are looking over their child, then talk to the Elder. The elder wants to cast a magical seal that will close off the humans from the esper world, but in his old state he might pass away, but he doesn't care just as long as the rest of the espers are safe. Madonna however wants to stay with Maduin. As you leave the esper thinks that it was the human's fault(Madonna) for causing all this trouble, but Maduin doesn't believe it.

 Madonna then leaves and takes Terra to the gate so head for the gate, but the elder has already began casting the magical seal! When Maduin tries to head for Madonna troops and Emperor Gestahl block his path, but then the magical barrier starts it work and sucks out all the humans. Madonna is just ahead and as Maduin tries to pull back Madonna Terra is sucked out of the esper world and Madonna and Maduin go with her. Then Emperor Gestahl picks up Terra and discovers something, she's half human and half esper, Madonna wants Gestahl to take care of her, but Gestahl blinded by his ambitions wants to use Terra for greed and power purposes, Madonna tries to stop him but is knocked back.

 The scene shifts back to Terra and the magicite next to her is her father, she then realizes that she can control her power. It was also at the espense of an esper's life that Celes had acquired her powers. The party now heads back for Narche, and in the airship Setzer lets the party control the airship and gives you some instructions on how to use the air ship, you can also press start when you are on the airship to view the world map. Now heab back to Narche via the airship.