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Final Fantasy 6

Final Fantasy 6


Page 1World of Balance (WOB)
Page 2 World of Ruin (WOR)
Page 3Sidequests

World of Balance

Page 1 The Esper Mystery Page 16 The Town of Kohlingen
Page 2 The Adventure Begins Page 17 The Town of Jidoor
Page 3 Onward to Figaro Page 18 The Search for Terra
Page 4 Journey to Figaro Page 19 The Opera House
Page 5 South Figaro Page 20 Setzer Gamble
Page 6 Mt. Kolts Page 21 The Town of Albrook
Page 7 The Returners Page 22 Rescue of the Espers
Page 8 Protect Banon Page 23 Return to Narche
Page 9 A - Sabins Mission Page 24 The Espers
Page 10 A:2 - To Narche Page 25 Towards Vector
Page 11 The Trip to Mobliz Page 26 Trip to the Cresent Island
Page 12 Town of Mobliz Page 27 Thamasa
Page 13 Cresent Mountain Page 28 A Fate Undenied
Page 14 B - The Escape Page 29 The Floating Continent
Page 15 Banon & Kefka Assault  

Get the Espers to Understand

Magicite(2), Ether(3), Assassin Daggar, Tempest Blade, Coin Toss relic, X-Potion, Elixir, Tent, Atma Weapon, Genji Glove
Party's level

When you are ont he airship have Terra be in your party. Then head for the east side of the southern continent and to the Imperial Base. Inside the party notices something odd, there are no imperial soldiers at this base. Then continue through to the right side and across the bridge and into a cave. In this cave there is a treasure chest that contains an ASSASSIN knife, pick it up and continue on. In this next room pick up the treasure chest which contains a TEMPEST blade for Cyan. Then continue on, and in this next room you will have to make your way across, but watch for the patterns in here, the bridge constantly shifts around, make a mistake and prepare to be damaged on the magma floor below you.

 Pick up the X-POTION and the COIN TOSS relic and continue onto the next room. Here in Basement 3, pick up an ETHER and continue your way to the other side of the room. When you reach the first switch hit it and a bridge leading to a treasure chest will open, go to that treasure chest to pick up a GENJI GLOVE. Then continue on, when you see two switches hit the one on the left first and it will open a door and inside is a TENT and a save point, so save your game and heal your wounds. Then go back outside and hit the other switch outside and a Ninja will attack you. He's a pretty tough opponent because of the Water Edge attack that does about 270 HP of damage to every character.

 Defeat him as normal and after the battle he will tell you that he had somethign buried beneath the grand stairway. Then continue on and hit the next switch which will open up a staircase leading to a treasure chest which contains an ETHER and also to the next area. Continue onto the next area, there's some sort of hidden passage that you must walk through when you do, pick up an ELIXIR and continue on. Now you will see a couple of switches, don't hit them just yet, go to the bottom left switch and hit that one and it will reveal a doorway to another room that contains a MAGICITE(remember what I told you? this is not an Esper!), ETHER, ATMA WEAPON, and another MAGICITE.

 Now go back outside and there are two switches above you that I told you not to hit, avoid hitting the right switch and go around it and check the treasure chest, it will ask you if you want to flip a switch, do not flip the switch. If you hit the two switches your path to the treasure chest will be cut off, but it doesn't matter, you can go ahead and hit those switches anyways. Continue on and pick up a MAGICITE and continue onto the next room and make your way to the Sealed Gate. When the party reaches the Sealed Gate the party will have to rely on Terra to convince the espers to side with the returners. Then suddenly Kefka comes in, its like he knew you were coming here all along! The party will have to keep Kefka busy while Terra slips through the gate.

 After the battle Terra opens the gate and all the espers come flying out of the gate and temporarily stunning the party and blowing Kefka away. Then after the gate closes back again it becomes blocked by the collapsing rocks and now head back to your airship by the door below in the next room, its a shortcut actually. When you reach towards the end of the Imperial Base the other party members will meet up with you and say that the espers went off west towards the capital, Vector. During the trip to Vector Terra notices something, the espers begin to fly in berserk fashion and then the airship goes out of control and crash lands and now head out of the airship and walk towards Vector.