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Final Fantasy 6

Final Fantasy 6


Page 1World of Balance (WOB)
Page 2 World of Ruin (WOR)
Page 3Sidequests

World of Balance

Page 1 The Esper Mystery Page 16 The Town of Kohlingen
Page 2 The Adventure Begins Page 17 The Town of Jidoor
Page 3 Onward to Figaro Page 18 The Search for Terra
Page 4 Journey to Figaro Page 19 The Opera House
Page 5 South Figaro Page 20 Setzer Gamble
Page 6 Mt. Kolts Page 21 The Town of Albrook
Page 7 The Returners Page 22 Rescue of the Espers
Page 8 Protect Banon Page 23 Return to Narche
Page 9 A - Sabins Mission Page 24 The Espers
Page 10 A:2 - To Narche Page 25 Towards Vector
Page 11 The Trip to Mobliz Page 26 Trip to the Cresent Island
Page 12 Town of Mobliz Page 27 Thamasa
Page 13 Cresent Mountain Page 28 A Fate Undenied
Page 14 B - The Escape Page 29 The Floating Continent
Page 15 Banon & Kefka Assault  

Towards Ventor and an Uneasy Truce

Back Guard relic, Gale Hairpin, Revivify, Potion, Tincture
Party's level

********** Points Value **********
Below here is a chart, depending on which answers to take preceding to the upcoming conversation will lead to a certain amount of points

The Toast
To the Empire. 2 points
To the Returners 1 point
To our hometowns 5 points
Kefka's Fate
Leave him in jail 5 points
Pardon him 1 point
Execute him 3 points
Apology for Doma
What's done is done 1 point
That was inexcusable. 5 points
Apologize again!! 3 points
General Celes
Was she an Imperial Spy? 1 point
Celes is one of us! 5 points
We trust Celes! 3 points
Further Questions
Ask a question once. 2 points
epeat a question. -10 points for every question repeated
The Espers
Yes, the Espers have gone too far. 5 points
But you unleashed their power!! 2 points
Your first question
Answer correctly. 5 points
Answer incorreclty 0 points
Care to rest?
Take a rest. 5 points
Keep talking. 0 points
What to say?
That all you really want is peace. 3 points
That you war's truly over 1 point
That you're sorry... 1 point
Will you accompnay Gestahl?
Yes 3 points
No 0 points

Essentially, once you have summed up enough points, a few things can happen:

0-39 points: South Figaro is liberated
40-49 points: Doma/South Figaro are liberated
50-59 points: Doma/South Figaro are liberated, stock room unlocked
60-69 points: South Figaro/Doma are liberated, stock room unlocked,
Tintinabar relic
70+ points: South Figaro/Doma are liberated, stock room unlocked,
Tintinabar relic, Charm Bangle relic

**NOTE: Once you rest, you cannot carry over the conversation, and if you rest, you lose out on a potiential three extra points.

 This will be a fairly long walk towards Vector since due to the fact that your airship is busted. When you reach Vector the whole place is burned and fire is still active. Make your way to the top of this place and it appears that the Emperor has been expecting the party. Talk to Emperor Gestahl and it appears that he has lost his will to fight, the espers came here to save their friends but when they heard that they had been perished the espers went berserk and decimated the town. The power of the espers was too great than what Gestahl had expected and now the espers must be stopped before the whole world is gone.

 There are still soldiers that prefer to keep on fighting, talk to as many soldiers as you can to make them understand. Along the way you can pick up a BACK GUARD relic, X-POTION, and a REVIVIFY. Try to talk to as many soldiers as you can before the four minutes is up, you will have to fight sometimes to get your point across as well. Afterwards the Emperor and the party are at the banquet and Cid is now a Returner. Here you will engage in a selective conversation choosing who you want to toast, what to do with Kefka, etc. The Empire has been leveled by the espers and Gestahl has finally come to his senses and realize that the espers must be stopped otherwise there will be no world to live in.

 The Emperor will head towards Cresent Island where the espers are and he asks if you want to accompany him, if you choose yes General Leo will go along as well, if you choose no the party will make it across their own way. Afterwards Locke will go with Terra, but he smells a rat, the party just can't trust the Emperor like that. The rest of the party will stay at Vector to investigate things. Now head out and south towards Albrook.