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Final Fantasy 6

Final Fantasy 6


Page 1World of Balance (WOB)
Page 2 World of Ruin (WOR)
Page 3Sidequests

World of Ruin

Page 1 A World Forever Changed Page 12 Journey Through Mt. ZOZO
Page 2 Ruined Albrook Page 13 Terra Come Back!
Page 3 The Return of Sabin Page 14 Gau Comes Back Strong
Page 4 The Town of Mobliz Page 15 Shadow, Relm, I Don't Know
Page 5 The Town of Nikeah Page 16 Owzer
Page 6 Return to South Figaro Page 17 The Lost Treasure
Page 7 South Figaro Cave Page 18 Where's Shadow
Page 8 Return to Kohlingen Page 19 Shadow Wait Up
Page 9 Another Airship Awaits Page 20 Strago Wake Up
Page 10 The Town of Miranda Page 21 Final Battle Awaits
Page 11 Return to ZOZO

A Changed World

Party's level

Here you will awaken as Cid has tended to Celes for over a year since the statues' corruption. It appears that they have landed on a tiny deserted island with a few strangers, but it appears that they have died of boredom and despair. Cid doesn't even know where Locke is or if he even is alive at all, Celes thinks that the entire party might have been wiped out as the world continued to slide into ruin from that day one year ago.

 Cid however has not eaten in days ever since he became ill, but he doesn't want to eat fish but its the only thing to eat here! While Cid lies down go look for a fish for him to eat outside, he will live longer if you catch him a fast fish, but since he is suppose to die anyways it really does not matter. Keep doing this until he starts to cough and he wants to thank you, after that go outside and pick up another fish and walk back inside to Cid.

 This time he does not respond, she keeps trying to get Cid to eat, but its too late. Celes can't even believe that Cid is gone and she decides to take a walk up along shore, she then finds a small letter on the floor, when the other people where feeling down they use to jump off the cliff up north...perked 'em right up! She feels alone that every one is gone, even Locke, the one who promised to protect her. She jumps off the cliff just to see her friends on the other side. Then she washes up shore in front of Cid's house, a bird wakes Celes back up, but she gets a bit angry that the bird nursed her back to health(figuratively of course) and then notices a bandana, could it be that Locke is still alive? Celes believes so, now head back to Cid's house.

 Inside you will find a letter next to Cid, check it and he will tell you that her friends are still waiting for her and that the stairs next to the stove awaits her road to freedom. So go check the staircase next to the stove to the left and you will find a small hidden room containing a raft, she says her last goodbyes and leaves off. LAter you will end up near a town, enter it and try to gather some information.