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Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7


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Limit Breaks

Limit breaks are special attacks that that allows a character to release energy in there own way. Every character has there own unique limit breaks, that will do different things, Example; Aeris' Limit breaks are all based on helping the team either healing them or giving them special statuses, whereas all of clouds Limit Breaks are purely basic on inflicting physical damage to the enemy.


Limit Breaks as the game goes on. Each character has four levels of Limit Breaks, and there are two different Limit Breaks to every level, except level four that has one. You can get your Limit Break to level four by using this easy guide; Use the Limit Break, ten times to enable next Limit Break. Kill 50 enemies to enable next level of Limit Breaks. The best way to do this is to get a powerful magic that hits all enemies, and then find some weak enemies that attack you in groups so that you can get you kill amount up. You might find the bestiary section helpful for this. To get the level 4 Limit Break you have to first get the character who you what to give it to on the level 3 Limit. Then to enable it you will have to find a special item in the game, check the side area's section.