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Final Fantasy 7ac

Final Fantasy 7AC


FFVII: AC Developers

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children will be developed by Square-Enix in conjunction with Visual Works (a company who have developed CG movies for Square in the past). Many of the original FFVII staff will be involved with this project.


Developer Profiles

Name Date of Birth
Tetsuya Nomura 19 June, 1971
Nationality Developer Role in AC
Japanese Director
Video Games
1991 Final Fantasy IV Character Designer
1992 Final Fantasy V Battle Graphics
1994 Live a Live Tosa-ben Translation
1994 Final Fantasy VI Art Director
1995 Chrono Trigger Field Graphics
1996 Super Mario RPG *Extra Special Thanks
1997 Final Fantasy VII Character Designer
Battle Visual Director
1998 Parasite Eve Character Designer
1998 Ehrgeiz Character Supervisor
1998 Brave Fencer Musashi Character Illustrator
1999 Parasite Eve II Character Designer
1999 Final Fantasy VIII Character Concept/Designer
Battle Visual Director
2000 The Bouncer Character Designer
2001 Final Fantasy X Character Designer
2002 Kingdom Hearts Director
Additional Character Designer
2003 Final Fantasy X-2 Main Character Designer
2004 Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Director
Character Designer
2005 Kingdom Hearts 2 Director

1996 Soma Character Designer
Storyboard Artist
Name Date of Birth
Takeshi Nozue Unknown
Nationality Developer Role in AC
Japanese Co-Director
Video Games
1999 D no Shokutaku 2 CG Animator
2000 Final Fantasy IX CG Designer
2001 Final Fantasy X Animation Director
2002 Kingdom Hearts Movie Director
Name Date of Birth
Yoshinori Kitase Unknown
Nationality Developer Role in AC
Japanese Producer
Video Games
1990 Sword of Mana Planner
1992 Romancing SaGa Maps
1993 Final Fantasy V Field Planner
1995 Chrono Trigger Director
1996 Final Fantasy VI Co-Director
1997 Final Fantasy VII Director
Writer [storyline]
1998 Ehrgeiz Final Fantasy VII Staff
1999 Final Fantasy VIII Director
2001 Final Fantasy X Producer
2002 Kingdom Hearts Co-Producer
2003 Final Fantasy X-2 Producer
2004 Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Co-Producer

1995 Mechanical Violator Hakaider Writer
2000 Lensman: Power of the Lens Writer
Name Date of Birth
Shinji Hashimoto Unknown
Nationality Developer Role in AC
Japanese Co-Producer
Video Games
1992 Final Fantasy V Executive Producer
1995 Chrono Trigger *Special Thanks
1996 Super Mario RPG *Special Thanks
1996 Tobal No. 1 Executive Producer
1997 Einhänder Executive Producer
1998 Ehrgeiz Supervisor
1999 Final Fantasy VIII Producer
2000 Final Fantasy IX Producer
2000 The Bouncer Producer
2001 Final Fantasy Chronicles Executive Producer
2001 Driving Emotion Type-S Producer
2002 Kingdom Hearts Producer
2003 Star Ocean: Till the End of Time General Manager
2003 Final Fantasy X-2 Sales and Marketing Producer
2004 Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Co-Producer

1988 Akira CG Artist
1988 Gunbuster: Aim for the Top! Animator
1987 Kimagure Orange Road Key Animator
1995 Junkers Come Here Key Animator
1997 Perfect Blue Animator
1990 Gude Crest Key Animator
1991 Tobé! Kujira no Peek Key Animator
1999 My Neighbors the Yamadas Key Animator
1999 The Legend of Black Heaven Director, Storyboards,
Animation Director
2001 Metropolis Key Animator
2003 Kid's Story [from the Animatrix] Character Design
Animation Director
Name Date of Birth
Nobuo Uematsu 23 March, 1959
Nationality Developer Role in AC
Japanese Composer
Video Games
1984 Pumpkin Jack Composer
1985 Genesis Composer
1986 Alpha Composer
1986 Blasty Co-Composer
1986 King's Knight Composer
1986 Suisho no Dragon Composer
1987 3D World Runner Composer
1987 Aliens Composer
1987 Apple Town Story Composer
1987 Cleopatra no Mahou Composer
1987 Final Fantasy Composer
1987 King's Knight Special Composer
1987 Nakayama Miho no Tokimeki High School Co-Composer
1987 Rad Racer Composer
1988 Final Fantasy II Composer
1989 Final Fantasy III Composer
1989 Romancing SaGa [FF Legend] Composer [1 composition]
1989 Square's Tom Sawyer Composer
1991 Final Fantasy IV Composer
1993 Final Fantasy V Composer
1993 Romancing SaGa 2 [FF Legend II] Composer [2 compositions]
1994 Final Fantasy VI Composer
1995 Chrono Trigger Co-Composer
1995 DynamiTracer Composer
1996 Front Mission: Gun Hazard Co-Composer
1996 Super Mario RPG Composer [Culex themes]
1997 Final Fantasy VII Composer
1998 Ehrgeiz Sound Supervisor
1998 Esoteria *Special Thanks
1998 Hanjuju Hero Composer
1999 Chocobo Racing Composer [reprises]
1999 Final Fantasy VIII Composer
2000 Final Fantasy IX Composer
2000 Final Fantasy Chronicles Original Music
2001 Final Fantasy X Composer, Sound Producer
2002 Final Fantasy Origins Composer,
Original Development
2002 Final Fantasy XI Co-Composer
2003 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Composer [2 compositions]
2003 Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Composer [main theme]
2003 Hanjuku Hero vs 3D Composer
2004 Final Fantasy XII Composer [main theme]

1994 Final Fantasy: Legend of Crystals Production Supervisor
2000 Ah! My Goddess!: The Movie Additional Music
2001 Final Fantasy Unlimited Co-Composer, Theme Music
Name Date of Birth
Kazushige Nojima Unknown
Nationality Developer Role in AC
Japanese Script/Scenario Writer
Video Games
1996 Bahamut Lagoon Director
1997 Final Fantasy VII Story Writer
1999 Final Fantasy VIII Scenario Writer
2001 Final Fantasy X Scenario Writer
Lyric Writer - Suteki da ne
2002 Kingdom Hearts Scenario Writer
2003 Final Fantasy X-2 Scenario Writer
Lyric Writer - 1000 Words
Name Date of Birth
Yusuke Naora Unknown
Nationality Developer Role in AC
Japanese Art Director
Video Games
1994 Final Fantasy VI Field Graphics Designer
1995 Chrono Trigger Field Graphics
1997 Final Fantasy VII Art Director
1999 Final Fantasy VIII Art Director
2000 The Bouncer Art Supervisor
2000 Vagrant Story Accessories Designer
2001 Final Fantasy X World Art Director
2002 Unlimited SaGa Art Director
2003 Front Mission 4 Character Designer
Name Date of Birth
Takayuki Takeya Unknown
Nationality Developer Role in AC
Japanese Mech/Creature Design
1990 Kujaku-O 2 - Legend of Ashura Models [live action]
1993 Kamen Rider ZO Models [live action]
1994 Zeiramu 2 Models [live action]
2001 Geneshaft Mecha Design
2002 Heat Guy J Mechanical Design
2003 Divergence Eve Creature Design
The information of this section was taken from AdventChildren.net