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Final Fantasy 7dc

Final Fantasy 7DC




Despite the fact that this third instalment in the FFVII compilation was announced almost one year ago, not much information has been revealed to us since then. This section covers most of what has been told through various articles, magazine scans and other sources of information to date.

Our plot begins as the mysterious squad known only as the Deep Ground Soldiers suddenly appear at the revival festival of the small village Kalm, located northeast of Midgar. Sealed away from any form of contact to the civilisation on the surface, the DGS-people have been trapped underneath the city of Midgar since the crash of the Meteor at the end of FFVII. Three years later, they have found their way out of the underground facilities and are free to roam the earth from which they all came.

The motivation of the DGS-attack has not yet been unveiled, but for some reason, they all vow to wipe the earth clean of those they deem unworthy of life.

In order to help people restore the towns from chaos, Reeve Tuesti has formed the W.R.O (World Restoration Organization), a volunteer group of both combatants and hopeful rebuilders. Easily recognized from their white uniforms, they all act as one combat force where every soldier seems to be armed with a rifle.

From these grounds, many speculative opinions and theories have come to surface, all in one way or the other indicating that Vincent Valentine is related to both of these organizations. In many scans, he is seen consulting with members from both groups, however, none of these seems to be siding with him. First of all, there is Shelke, one of the elite members of DGS, who obviously is dueling with Vincent. Then , there is Sharua Rui, one of the front persons of the W.R.O, who is seen pointing a gun at Vincent's head.

A lot of questions remain unanswered; what is the main goal of the DGS organization? In what way will this affect the world in its constant struggle for a better future? As the world is engulfed in chaos, how will the W.R.O react? And most important of all; what role will our mysterious protagonist play in all of this?

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Publisher: Square-Enix
Developer: Square-Enix
Release Date: Aug 15, 2006

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