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Final Fantasy 7dc

Final Fantasy 7DC


Battle System

As Kathy informed us in her FFE-exclusive DoC-article, the Singleplayer-mode is not enough - according to Square-Enix, there will also be a very intriguing Multiplayer-mode in the game, where the player gets to act as a Deep Ground Soldier, struggling hard for the gaining of promotions through completing various missions. Throughout these assigned missions, the player will be rewarded with both money and medals, as he/she tries to prove to that world that they are the most powerful soldier there is.

System One


In mode 01, the player is free to form teams with others, in order to attain higher ranks in SOLDIER. In this function, strategy is a very important key, and the best weapons and armour will only be awarded to those who prove themselves to be the greatest of all.

System Two

Character Making

By selecting a name, gender, face, type, initially equipped armour, voice and colour, the player is able to create the character best suited for presenting themselves.

The selectable armours known today are soldier armor, sniper armor, speed armor, magic armor and toughness armor.

System Three


This is where you first begin in the multiplayer-mode of DoC; the lobby can be described as some sort of forum for meeting and communicating with other players. Here, you can also access functions like Battle Entry and the Shop, or simply check your ranking.

System Four

Briefing Room

- Item Distribution: In the Briefing Room, you will obtain various consumable items based on your current class. These items can later on be used on the battleground.
- Custom Confimation: Some configurations can be changed here, for example, weapon restrictions, which make it impossible to customize or substitute weapons on the battlefield.
- Team Division: In the case of Team Battle, you will move to the transfer area after preparations are completed. Here, the teams are divided by colour, defining who will be your opponent on the battlegrounds.

System Five

The Battlefield

- Battle Mode: This works as some sort of death match, where you fight as an individual; the first player to meet the victory conditions comes out as the winner.
- Team Battle Mode: Same as the first one, except here, all players are divided into team s . The first team to meet the victory conditions wins.
- Mission Mode: A mode in which you can carry out assigned missions.

Only by gaining knowledge of the battlefield and your surroundings, will you be victorious.