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Final Fantasy 8

Final Fantasy 8


Characters Profile

Name Age
Zell Dincht 17
Limit Break Weapon
Duel Gloves
Height Blood Type
5' 5" B

A SeeD Cadet with u nsurpassed martial arts skills. A incredible martial artist. Aspiring to become like his grandfather who was once a soldier, Zell entered Garden at the age of 13. Not being on that thinks matters through, he is know to act on impulse rater than reasoning. At heart however, he is an honest young man who takes things seriously.


Limit Break

Limit Break

Duel allows Zell to use his fists to attack an enemy continuously. A timer is given, as well as a menu that shows a few of Zell's available moves. You must enter the moves in as quickly as possible in the time given for him to execute. This is pretty similar to the fighting game style of executing special moves, so if you're not used to this sort of thing, you can let the game attack for you by turning on Auto in the status menu.

Some attacks are finishing moves. They are indicated by flashing words. When you use them, the limit finishes regardless of whether or not the timer is at zero.

Zell can learn new moves by reading Combat King magazines. They are usually found lying around the world.

Limit Break
Buttons Learn From
Punch Rush + (already learned)
Booya + (already learned)
Heel Drop + (already learned)
Mach Kick + + (already learned)
Dolphin Blow + + + Combat King 001
Meteor Strike + + + Combat King 002
Burning Rave + + + + (already learned)
Meteor Barret + + + + Combat King 003
Different Beat + + + + Combat King 004
My Final Heaven + + + + Combat King 005
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