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Final Fantasy 8

Final Fantasy 8


Character Profile

Name Age
Selphie Tilmitt 17
Limit Break Weapon
Slot Nanchaku
Height Blood Type
5' 5" B

A energetic woman with a carefree spirit. A woman who seems out of place in a military academy because of her innocent look and light-hearted personality. Selphie's happy-go-lucky dispostion and laid-back attitude ten to catch others off guard.


Limit Break

Limit Break

Selphie's Slot picks a magic spell at random for her to use. These magic spells do not come out of her magic inventory, so it won't waste anything. Many times, advanced magic that won't appear until later in the game will show up in the Slot. Also, Selphie has a few spells that don't appear anywhere else in the game at all.

If you don't like the spell that Slot picks, you can always use Do Over to have her pick another one. This gives you a very good chance of finding the magic spell that you want to use, but be aware that the time bars are still active while in this menu, so don't take so long that the enemy ends up killing her.

Completely restores all members' HPs.
Endows party members with Protect and Shell.
Takes the target away from battle. Useless against bosses and flying monsters.
The End
Eliminates practically any enemy (including bosses!). Useless against undead and the final boss. 'The End' appears very rarely.
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