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Final Fantasy 8

Final Fantasy 8


Character Profile

Name Age
Quistis Trepe 18
Limit Break Weapon
Blue Magic Chain Whip
Height Blood Type
5' 6" A

A top-notch member of SeeD who serves as Squall's instructor. A SeeD cadet at the age of 15, Quistis now instructs Squall and his companions at Balamb Garden. Contrary to her cool and bold exterior, she is know to have a difficult time coping with frustration, which sometimes results in her becoming despressed over trivial matters.


Limit Break

Limit Break
Blue Magic

Quistis's Limit Breaks are actually a form of magic called Blue Magic. It is basically an enemy skill, but it is not learned like in previous Final Fantasies. Quistis learns Blue Magic by finding items that will teach it to her, unlike in Final Fantasy V, VI, and VII where you had to be hit with the skill to learn it.

Blue Magic Items Required Effect
Laser Eye --already learned Damage one enemy
Ultra Waves Spider Web Damage all enemies
Electrocute Coral Fragment Thunder damage to all enemies
LV? Death Curse Spike Death to certain enemies
Degenerator Black Hole Kill one enemy
Aqua Breath Water Crystal Water damage to all enemies
Micro Missile Missile Damage one enemy
Acid Mystery Fluid Status change on one enemy
Gatling Gun Running Fire Damage one enemy
Fire Breath Inferno Fang Fire damage to all enemies
Bad Breath Malboro Tentacle Status change to all enemies
White Wind Whisper ---
Homing Laser Laser Cannon Damage one enemy
Mighty Guard Barrier Defend all party members
Ray-Bomb Power Generator ---
Shockwave Pulsar Dark Matter Major damage to all enemies

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