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Final Fantasy 8

Final Fantasy 8


Page 1 Disc One
Page 2 Disc Two
Page 3 Disc Three
Page 4 Disc Four

Disc One

Page 1 Balamb Garden Page 14 Timber - Deling City
Page 2 Balamb Region
Page 15 Dollet Revisited {optional}
Page 3 Fire Cavern
Page 16 Timber Region: Eastern Forest
Page 4 Balamb Garden
Page 17 Laguna Dream Sequence - 2
Page 5 Balamb City/ Naval Ship Page 18 Monterosa Plateau
Page 6 Dollet Page 19 Galbadia Garden
Page 7 Exploring Balamb City Page 20 Galbadia Region
Page 8 Party in da Garden Page 21 Deling City
Page 9 Balamb Garden: Training Center Page 22 Gotland Peninsula
Page 10 Timber Mission Briefing Page 23 Tomb of the Unknown King
Page 11 Balamb City: Train Station Page 24 Galbadia Region – Revisited
Page 12 Laguna Dream Sequence - 1 Page 25 Deling City – Assasination Mission
Page 13 Timber Train Station
Rare Cards   GFs
Diablos   Diablos (Magical Lamp)
Draw Points   Magazines
  Weapons Monthly April (Squall’s desk)

Balamb Garden—Timber Mission Briefing

Zell informs Squall that he’s been given a private room. Use it to rest and save. In the morning, Selphie tells Squall to meet at the Main Entrance. Pick up the April issue of Weapons Monthly from the desk before leaving the room. At the Main Entrance, Cid and a faculty member brief you on your 1st SeeD mission. After getting your orders, talk to Cid again to get a Magical Lamp. Before using it, go back to the lobby and save your game. Select Magical Lamp from the menu screen to fight, and ultimately collect, another GF.

HP: varies Weakness: Wind Strength: Gravija
AP: 20 Draw: Cure, Demi

Strategy: First, have everyone draw and stock Demi from Diablos (note that you’ll need a decent Magic parameter in order to do so). A total of 8-10 Demi spells should be adequate. Now, cast Demi on Diablos repeatedly until it does only 2-digit damage. Oddly, he’ll cast Cura on whoever used Demi on him. Those who cannot draw or cast Demi should heal and revive the others. Finish him off with your most powerful GF or a Limit Break.

After you acquire GF Diablos, visit the Library with Zell for a random event involving a secret admirer. Her girlfriends drop hints, but returning here often lets you view the full set of sequences. Use the Esuna DP near the palm tree then leave. Visit the Cafeteria and lend an ear to the worker who talks about her son. When ready, exit Balamb Garden.