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Final Fantasy 8

Final Fantasy 8


Page 1 Disc One
Page 2 Disc Two
Page 3 Disc Three
Page 4 Disc Four

Disc One

Page 1 Balamb Garden Page 14 Timber - Deling City
Page 2 Balamb Region
Page 15 Dollet Revisited {optional}
Page 3 Fire Cavern
Page 16 Timber Region: Eastern Forest
Page 4 Balamb Garden
Page 17 Laguna Dream Sequence - 2
Page 5 Balamb City/ Naval Ship Page 18 Monterosa Plateau
Page 6 Dollet Page 19 Galbadia Garden
Page 7 Exploring Balamb City Page 20 Galbadia Region
Page 8 Party in da Garden Page 21 Deling City
Page 9 Balamb Garden: Training Center Page 22 Gotland Peninsula
Page 10 Timber Mission Briefing Page 23 Tomb of the Unknown King
Page 11 Balamb City: Train Station Page 24 Galbadia Region – Revisited
Page 12 Laguna Dream Sequence - 1 Page 25 Deling City – Assasination Mission
Page 13 Timber Train Station
Rare Cards   GFs
Angelo (Watts)   N/A
Draw Points   Magazines
  Pet Pals Vol. 2 (Resistance Base)

Timber Train Station / Hijack Operation

Squall, Selphie and Zell wake up and are surprised that they shared the same dream. After you disembark, speak to the man waiting on the steps. The 3rd option is the password. Follow Watts to the next train.

Once on board, Watts introduces himself as the leaders of the Forest Owls and asks Squall to check in on the ‘princess’. Head north and use the Save Point in the first compartment then enter the one at the end. Inside, Squall meets Rinoa and her dog, Angelo. Name both of them and listen to Rinoa’s limit break tutorial. Set Angelo’s trick skill then go to the briefing room at the front of the train. Rinoa and crew explain their plan to capture the president of Galbadia. Talk to Watts when you’re ready to start the operation. You’ll be working against a 5-minute timer, so come prepared.

Hijack Operation: Timber Railway Lines

First, leap across to the 2nd Escort by pressing [X] when the train sections are close together. Next, run across the car to meet up with the others. The third goal is to detach the 1st Escort by inputting 3 codes in a panel on the side of the train. If a Blue guard approaches, halt. If a Red guard approaches, keep moving. Their sensors react about a window’s length away. When in doubt, hurry back to the roof of the train and wait for them to move away before entering the next code. After inputting the 3 codes, detach the 2nd Escort. You’ll need to enter 5 codes this time while looking out for guards using the [R1] button. If you trip the alarm you can try again, but your SeedD rank will decrease. The whole operation should take less than 3 minutes.

Afterwards, return to Rinoa’s room to pick up Pet Pals Vol. 2. Junction your party, save and speak to Rinoa when you’re ready to continue the mission.

HP: 532 Weakness: ? Strength: ?
AP: 0 Draw: Cure

HP: 2,750 Weakness: Holy, Fire, Earth, Heal Strength: Poison
AP: 20 Draw: Esuna, Double, Berserk, Zombie

Strategy: This guy likes to cast various status ailment spells on you, so come equipped with various curative items, or simply the ability to draw Esuna from him. Attack Gerogero with Fire-based spells, Cure spells and GF. Ifrit. Spend some time drawing Esuna and Double from him.

After the fight, the team decides to break into Timber’s TV station. Choose a party of 3, re-junction, and talk to Watts when you’re ready to leave.