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Final Fantasy 8

Final Fantasy 8


Page 1 Disc One
Page 2 Disc Two
Page 3 Disc Three
Page 4 Disc Four

Disc One

Page 1 Balamb Garden Page 14 Timber - Deling City
Page 2 Balamb Region
Page 15 Dollet Revisited {optional}
Page 3 Fire Cavern
Page 16 Timber Region: Eastern Forest
Page 4 Balamb Garden
Page 17 Laguna Dream Sequence - 2
Page 5 Balamb City/ Naval Ship Page 18 Monterosa Plateau
Page 6 Dollet Page 19 Galbadia Garden
Page 7 Exploring Balamb City Page 20 Galbadia Region
Page 8 Party in da Garden Page 21 Deling City
Page 9 Balamb Garden: Training Center Page 22 Gotland Peninsula
Page 10 Timber Mission Briefing Page 23 Tomb of the Unknown King
Page 11 Balamb City: Train Station Page 24 Galbadia Region – Revisited
Page 12 Laguna Dream Sequence - 1 Page 25 Deling City – Assasination Mission
Page 13 Timber Train Station
Rare Cards   GFs
N/A   N/A
Draw Points   Magazines
Blizzaga, Cure, Scan
  Pet Pals Vol. 3 and 4 (Pet Store), Girl Next) Door, Timber Maniacs (Timber Maniacs)
G-Soldier, Elite Soldier

Timber - Deling City

After deboarding the train, visit the Pet Store next to the station to buy Pet Pals Vol. 3 & 4 and some restorative items for your GFs. From there, head south into town. Upgrade weapons at the Junk Shop and visit the Hotel next door to rest and save your game. Now, return to the train station and head east.

Visit Timber Maniacs, which Laguna worked for as a journalist. Find a copy of Girl Next Door in the book piles on the floor in the lobby then enter the door on the left. The dark room hides a Blizzaga DP. After using it, leave and enter the door at the end of the hall. Find a copy of Timber Maniacs on the floor and speak to the editor if you wish. Leave the building and talk to the guy wearing a gray-green jacket outside to receive an item from him later on in Disc 2. Enter the house next door and speak to the woman. Go upstairs to look out the window then leave the house. Continue heading east to the 2nd train station. Go to the platform above and enter the house on your left.

Inside, talk to the man sitting on the couch. Tell him you like beverages (2nd option) and examine the faucet to the left to restore the party’s HP. If you plunder 500 gil from the cupboard beneath the television, you lose this service. Exit and use the Save Point on the right platform then head west back to the previous area. At the junction, go down the northern flight of stairs.

Two Galbadian soldiers mention having obtained a Card. Kick their butts to get it. There’s an Item Shop to the left and a Cure DP on the right. When ready, enter the Pub. Inside, talk to the drunk blocking the back door. When he demands a drink, choose to tell him about the card. He’ll give you a Tonberry Card then move out of the way. Use the back door to get to the alley.

Outside, save then head west to the TV Station. Rinoa, upon seeing the tight security, asks Squall for his opinion. Choose any answer. Watch the President of Galbadia give his speech. Partway through, the broadcast is disrupted and Quistis calls for the SeeDs to come help. Continue up to the TV Station. After the cut-scene, follow the President and his abductor to the next room. Things get ugly and the party must leave Timber quickly. Backtrack to the house next to Timber Maniacs. Inside, the group strategizes. When you regain control of Squall, select a party then talk to the woman to get a few items before leaving.

Outside, talk to Watts, who is disguised as a Galbadian soldier. He tells the group to board the Dollet-bound train. Head east and meet up with Zone (dressed as an old man) to get your tickets. Follow Quistis to the train. On board, speak to everyone and wait for the conductor’s announcements. While the story requires you to drop off at East Academy Station, I suggest you alight further on at Dollet Station. Head east between two cliffs to get to the seaside town of Dollet.