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Final Fantasy 8

Final Fantasy 8


Page 1 Disc One
Page 2 Disc Two
Page 3 Disc Three
Page 4 Disc Four

Disc One

Page 1 Balamb Garden Page 14 Timber - Deling City
Page 2 Balamb Region
Page 15 Dollet Revisited {optional}
Page 3 Fire Cavern
Page 16 Timber Region: Eastern Forest
Page 4 Balamb Garden
Page 17 Laguna Dream Sequence - 2
Page 5 Balamb City/ Naval Ship Page 18 Monterosa Plateau
Page 6 Dollet Page 19 Galbadia Garden
Page 7 Exploring Balamb City Page 20 Galbadia Region
Page 8 Party in da Garden Page 21 Deling City
Page 9 Balamb Garden: Training Center Page 22 Gotland Peninsula
Page 10 Timber Mission Briefing Page 23 Tomb of the Unknown King
Page 11 Balamb City: Train Station Page 24 Galbadia Region – Revisited
Page 12 Laguna Dream Sequence - 1 Page 25 Deling City – Assasination Mission
Page 13 Timber Train Station
Rare Cards   GFs
N/A   Carbuncle (Iguion)
Draw Points   Magazines
Esuna, Zombie, Bio (Sewers)
  Weapons Monthly May (Sewers)
Creeps, Red Bat, Grand Mantis (Sewers)

Deling City – Assasination Mission / Parade / Sewers

Return to the guard in front of Caraway’s Mansion and give him the password you wrote down in the Tomb.
When he lets you pass, use the Save Point in front of the mansion then enter. Inside, talk to Rinoa and wait for General Caraway to arrive. After the cut-scene, select a party then follow Gen. Caraway through the city as he explains the mission details. When he’s finished, go ahead and explore (shop, play cads, etc.). Head back to Caraway’s Mansion when you’re ready.

Once there, the 2 teams are decided. As you try to leave, Rinoa returns but is not allowed to participate in the mission. Follow Caraway to the Gateway, where Team #2 (Quistis, Zell & Selphie) is dropped off. Have Team #1 (Squall & Irvine) head towards the Palace Gate. Back at the Gateway, Quistis wonders whether she was too harsh with Rinoa and decides to apologize. Return to Caraway’s Mansion.

Make sure to junction Rinoa when you take control of her. Use the Save Point next to the vehicle then look for a manhole to the right of the crates. Descend into the sewers and head west to find the May issue of Weapons Monthly. Return to the Save Point above and climb the stacks of crates to get to the roof. Follow the path west to a ladder. Ascend to the top. Once inside, approach the sorceress then watch an FMV showing her masterful power.

Back at Caraway’s Mansion, have Quistis examine the painting next to the window then take a glass cup from the shelves on the left. Head to the upper left corner and set the cup on the statue to reveal a hidden passage. Junction your party and descend into the sewers. Ride the waterwheel on the left then head north until an FMV takes over.

When you regain control of Squall, follow Irvine back to the crates. Use the Save Point (re-junction your crew if necessary) then climb up to the roof. Head forward into Edea’s Chamber.

HP: 1,151 Weakness: Earth, Holy Strength: Fire, Poison
AP: 10 Draw: Esuna, Cure, Break, Carbuncle

Strategy: Draw GF Carbuncle from these guys first (last option in draw menu), then quickly dispatch one of them before they hit you with Resonance, a combo attack. If they use Magma Breath, heal by drawing Esuna from them. Use GF Brothers and try putting a Sleep, Stop or Death spell on them to buy some time.

After the battle, return to the corridor and open the hatch in the floor on the right. Go down and collect the rifle there.

Meanwhile, Team #2 is in the sewers. Junction the party before proceeding. From your current position, follow the path until you reach a ladder that you can collapse. Cross it and head west to reach an Esuna DP then retrace your steps back to the collapsed ladder. Cross over and head left. On the next screen, head north through the gate. The party will pass a dormant waterwheel, followed by a useable one. Head right and take the southern path to get to a Zombie DP. There’s also a Bio DP further south. Retrace your steps north to the first 2 waterwheels you saw (near the collapsed ladder).

The useable waterwheel carries you over to the other side, where you will find another wheel. Jump onto this one. Follow the path south and cross the upcoming 2 waterwheels. Collapse the next ladder you see and you’re back where you started (ascend the tall ladder to use the Save Point above if you wish). Head east from where you dropped that ladder to another wheel. Ride it then follow the northern path to another Save Point. Climb the ladder on the wall to reach the top of the Archway.

When Zell tells you to, control Quistis and hit the panel on the left to drop the gates. Irvine shows his weak side at this crucial point and Squall must coax him into firing the decisive shot. Junction your GFs now.

HP: 870 Weakness: Poison Strength: ?
AP: 0 Draw: Fire, Cure, Life

Strategy: Steal Hero or Holy War (it’s random) from him and draw some Life magic before finishing him off with GFs or the Gunblade.

Once Seifer is defeated, Irvine and Rinoa enter to aid Squall.

HP: 6,700 Weakness: ? Strength: Elementals
AP: 20 Draw: Cura, Dispel, Life, Double

Strategy: Edea’s arsenal consists of various elemental spells, so minimize damage with Shell. If you cast GF Carbuncle, Edea will use Dispel to break your Reflect status. Edea is a bit on the difficult side, but she has friendly draw spells such as Double, Cura and Life, which you can exploit.