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Final Fantasy 8

Final Fantasy 8


Page 1 Disc One
Page 2 Disc Two
Page 3 Disc Three
Page 4 Disc Four

Disc One

Page 1 Balamb Garden Page 14 Timber - Deling City
Page 2 Balamb Region
Page 15 Dollet Revisited {optional}
Page 3 Fire Cavern
Page 16 Timber Region: Eastern Forest
Page 4 Balamb Garden
Page 17 Laguna Dream Sequence - 2
Page 5 Balamb City/ Naval Ship Page 18 Monterosa Plateau
Page 6 Dollet Page 19 Galbadia Garden
Page 7 Exploring Balamb City Page 20 Galbadia Region
Page 8 Party in da Garden Page 21 Deling City
Page 9 Balamb Garden: Training Center Page 22 Gotland Peninsula
Page 10 Timber Mission Briefing Page 23 Tomb of the Unknown King
Page 11 Balamb City: Train Station Page 24 Galbadia Region – Revisited
Page 12 Laguna Dream Sequence - 1 Page 25 Deling City – Assasination Mission
Page 13 Timber Train Station
Rare Cards   GFs
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Draw Points   Magazines
Grat, T-Rexaur

Balamb Garden: Training Center

When you arrive, Quistis gives you a tutorial on status effects. When she’s finished, move forward into the Training Center and take the right path over to a Blizzard DP. Move ahead until you reach a Save Point and enter the lit door to the north.

After chatting in the ‘secret place,’ exit and head west, back towards the entrance. On the way, the duo chances upon a mysterious girl being attacked by some creatures.

HP: 223 Weakness: ? Strength: ?
AP: 3 Draw: Fire, Thunder, Protect

HP: 1,538 Weakness: Wind Strength: ?
AP: 5 Draw: Sleep, Shell, Blind

Strategy: This critter is accompanied by 3 flunkies, so just use a GF to take them out first right at the start of the fight. After that, draw Shell magic from Granaldo before offing it at your own leisure. It’s pathetically weak once you get rid of its flunkies. Try putting the Granaldo to sleep with its Sleep spell.

After the battle, leave the Training Center and return to the Dorm.