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Final Fantasy 8

Final Fantasy 8


Page 1 Disc One
Page 2 Disc Two
Page 3 Disc Three
Page 4 Disc Four

Disc Two

Page 1 Laguna Dream Sequence – 3 Page 12 Centra Ruins Region {optional
Page 2 D-District – Prison
Page 13 Kashkabald Desert {optional}
Page 3 Galbadian Desert
Page 14 Trabia Garden
Page 4 Missile Base Page 15 Trabia Region {optional}
Page 5 Balamb Garden Page 16 Shumi Tribe Village {optional}
Page 6 Fisherman’s Horizon Page 17 Fishermans Horizon {optional}
Page 7 Balamb Garden- Garden Festival Page18 Shumi Tribe Village {optional}
Page 8 Timber Revisited {optional} Page 19 Centra Region
Page 9 Winhill Revisited {optional} Page 20 Balamb Garden - Invasion
Page 10 Balamb City Under Siege Page 21 Galbadia Garden - Invasion
Page 11 Shumi Tribe Village {optional}
Rare Cards   GFs
N/A   N/A
Draw Points   Magazines
Curaga, Dispel, Drain, Reflect
Bite Bug, Caterchipillar

Laguna Dream Sequence – Winhill

Young Ellone informs Laguna that a visitor is waiting for him at Raine’s pub. Leave the house and go next door to meet Kiros. After they converse, Kiros decides to join Laguna on his daily patrol. Junction them before setting off. Outside, find a Dispel DP in the lower right corner. Cross the bridge on the left and head south through town, fighting off some weak enemies as you go. At the end of town, retrace your steps back to the pub. Go upstairs to hear a bit about Raine’s feelings towards Laguna. Afterwards, return to Laguna’s residence. Un-junction both Kiros and Laguna before choosing to rest.