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Final Fantasy 8

Final Fantasy 8


Page 1 Disc One
Page 2 Disc Two
Page 3 Disc Three
Page 4 Disc Four

Disc Three

Page 1 Balamb Garden Page 21 Lunatic Pandora
Page 2 Edea’s Orphanage
Page 22 Lunatic Pandora Invasion
Page 3 Balamb Garden
Page 23 Lunatic Pandora
Page 4 Laguna Dream Sequence - 4 Page 24 Lunar Base
Page 5 Edea’s Orphanage Page 25 Escape Pod
Page 6 White SeeD Ship Page 26 Ragnarok Airship – Alien Hunt
Page 7 Balamb Garden Page 27 Sorceress Memorial
Page 8 Centra Ruins {optional} Page 28 Ragnarok Airship
Page 9 Chocobo Forests {optional} Page 29 Cactuar Desert {optional}
Page 10 CC Group {optional} Page 30 Research Center {optional}
Page 11 Fishermans Horizon Page 31 Research Center {optional}
Page 12 Esthar Region Page 32 Shumi Tribe Village {optional}
Page 13 Esthar City Page 33 UFO Sightings {optional}
Page 14 Laguna Dream Sequence - 5 Page 34 Islands Closest {optional}
Page 15 Doctor Odine’s Laboratory Page 35 Obel Lake {optional}
Page 16 Esthar City Page 36 Edea’s Orphanage
Page 17 Esthar Region Page 37 Esthar City – Meeting the President
Page18 Tears Point Page 38 Ragnarok
Page 19 Luna Gate Page 39 Tears’ Point / Lunatic Pandora
Page 20 Lunatic Pandora Invasion  
Rare Cards   GFs
Draw Points   Magazines
  Weapons Monthly July (Training Center), Combat King 003 (Balamb Hotel)
Enemies   Blue Magic

Balamb Garden

Squall is watching over Rinoa in the infirmary when Quistis summons him to the 3F bridge. Once there, form a party of 3 (sans Rinoa) and pilot Balamb Garden southwest towards Edea’s Orphanage.

Before deboarding, pick up the July issue of Weapons Monthly from the Training Center. It appears as a little brown package on the ground so it’s not easy to spot. You’ll find it just beyond the left gate. If you’ve been a frequent visitor to the Library with Zell, visit Balamb City; a random event might transpire, where Zell has a guest waiting for him at the Hotel. Spend the night there to receive a copy of Combat King 003.