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Final Fantasy 9

Final Fantasy 9


FFIX Characters

Name Age
Zidane Triball 16
Job Quote
Member of a thieves' guild (Thief) "You don't need a reason to help people."

The hero of FF9, Zidane follow's Square's typical format of heroism. He's a young boy with a good attitude with no memory of his past until a certin point. He's just your regular 16-year-old with his eyes set on Princess Garnet. "He's a player, or tries to be anyways," says a Square localization expert Marki Yamane. Yamane states "not a jerk, like Squall"-- overal Zidane is an optimistic kid. Zidane is quiet the theif with the a steal command to obtain some of the best items in the game. Other special abilites include the "Whats That?!" command to divert enemy attention and make them turn around. Throughout the story Zidane matures and eventualy seeks to find the origions of his birth.


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