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Final Fantasy 9

Final Fantasy 9


FFIX Characters

Name Age
Vivi Ornitier 9
Job Quote
Black Mage "How do you prove that you exist ... ? Maybe we don't exist ... "

The biggest character next to Zidane, Vivi is a 9-year-old Black Mage who has also forgotten his past. Even though he is very clumsy, Vivi is very powerfull never-the-less. Like all the wizards he is feared and respected all over Gaia. He dosn't know much about himself except for the fact he's the only Black Mage not under the control of Queen Brahne. Vivi joines the party after being caught in the middle of battle between other Black Mages and the band of thieves sent to kidnap Garnet. From then on, Vivi assits the party with a arsenal of Black Magic. If Steiner is in the group Vivi can cast elemental magic on his sword like fire and ice.

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