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  2. This is a great idea, so I hope I have the chance to win a physical copy myself hehe!
  3. I think X-2 wraped the whole story pretty well, so I don't see the need for it. In contrast, a prequel where you get to explore Auron, Jecht and Braska's travels would be so much more interesting to me.
  4. Wasn’t there some sort of sequel novel that was released during an FFX/X-2 anniversary edition not too long ago? It’d be cool nonetheless to play a 3rd part, always had a soft spot for FFX.
  5. I've noticed that the leaderboard on the forums is a little weird on its scoring for our needs. So, I coded up something to better track placement. The "top 3 posters" is specifically intended to be the top 3 members with the most posts during this contest/giveaway. In the event of a tie, the person who signed up the earliest is given the higher placement. https://ffextreme.com/giveaway.php It's updated every 5 minutes.
  6. I haven't seen/played any of it myself but it would be cool if they did a Re: Chain of Memories style remake of it for PS4 or so.
  7. cosmo canyon. it's the most beautiful and magical place in ff world. the culture, the diversity of people there. it's unbelievably beautiful
  8. before crisis has some interesting interaction and characters, especially reno and rude. if any of u saw the gameplay in YouTube, what do think of it?
  9. I don't have ff7r yet i listened to hollow by yosh and if you played the original 1997 game, the song just hits. i cry
  10. reno! i like how they made him ruthless but still a little silly
  11. According to the official Twitter account for the upcoming mobile game in the Kingdom Hearts series, the release of Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road has been pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The team apologizes for the delay, saying they had otherwise tried their best to maintain the original Spring 2020 release. They continue in saying that they'll have an announcement about the game... Read the full story here
  12. This was talked about a bit last year as a game the devs would like to someday make, with one even saying it could be the next one after the Remake (and all its parts) is done. But is this a game anyone wants? I feel it'd be another FFX-2 situation; Interesting gameplay but annoying story and characters.
  13. Super hard to pick an absolute favorite for me because they all had their own charm that I could appreciate. However, I'd say Halloween Town, Pride Lands, and the Timeless River are my top ones.
  14. It looks a little bulky for me from the bottom, but i am sure that is due to the sensors and such. The controller still looks so good and maybe it will feel just as good.
  15. Since I can see that more and more games in the future will use fully 3D models for all games, I hope they introduce a lot more VR with them like RE7. The demo is truly outstanding and its the first video that is getting me really hyped for next gen.
  16. Simple answer (not really) would be either Metal Gear Solid or Final Fantasy 7.
  17. 100 acre wood because it's one of the most memorable worlds for me even after all this years. I also like halloween town a lot, but that is probably only because i enjoy have seen the movie quite a few times.
  18. I am team Jesse all the way. She has way more character this time around in contrast to the original.
  19. Earlier
  20. Who's your favorite character so far from the Remake (or original if you haven't played Remake yet)? While I obviously have a love for Red XIII, I gotta say that Aerith is super awesome. They did a great job making her carefree yet sassy.
  21. Changed my name to something less dull lol ❤️ Red XIII

  22. I would literally die for a chance to get a copy. I know I already posted but my love for FFVII goes beyond the game.. Ive made friends over the years because of it. VII isn't just a game to me, its part of my life.
  23. Since FF7R is rewriting some events, Advent Children and DoC might not be accurate to the Remake's story. So, I'm unsure if they're interchangeable here. I'd go on about why but I definitely don't want to spoil it.
  24. It's a tower defense reskin game, right? Yeah, I'll stick to the main series but props to those that do enjoy it!
  25. If you wanna get into the lore from start to finish in linear order then try going this route: Before Crisis (mobile game, you’ll probably have trouble ever finding this one, so check YouTube, it’s a neat story from a different perspective, however, it kinda overlaps with CC) -> Crisis Core -> Final Fantasy 7 (remake/original) -> Advent Children (CGI sequel) -> Dirge of Cerberus (video game sequel, taking place after AC) OR Just play CC and then FF7R to get the gist of everything. Keep in mind FF7R is releasing in parts so if you want the complete story from start to finish sooner rather than later you’d have to play the original FF7 (which is long as hell lol), its your choice have fun!
  26. Welcome to my page! Ciao!

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