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  2. Well yeah, even I mostly use instagram and other social media apps. And I'm pretty sure the majority of the world does to XD. This happens because no other type of app demands as much presence as these social media apps.
  3. Yo so I think Iinstagram is the best as well. Why? well for starters I find the interface pretty friendly, and you know it feels kinda like a mix of facebook and youtube 'cause you can see both pics (feed) and videos (IGTV). Now I know facebook has this this option as well but for some reason I feel Instagram is more user-friendly. And also, nothing, and I mean NOTHING can beat the meme community on instagram
  4. Hey Derek, can’t seem to log in to post news! It’s been dry but I found a some what interesting piece of info I wanted to share!
  5. Agreed, i remember when COD:MW launched and at the time being, the M4 and the Charlie shotgun were OP, however, they managed to nerf it quite fast, i think since then the MP5 has become stronger taking in consideration that other guns were nerfed. I hope they nerf the MP5 too, the recoil is a joke(even for a SMG) and the damage is a way too high considering the fire rate, the MP5 basically nails any other gun in the game, let alone other SMG's.
  6. Seymour came off as an ass, I can see his complexity though since he’s half human and it makes for an interesting character development, but nah never liked him. I actually don’t have a favorite FFX character.
  7. He’s an interesting character, though I wouldn’t put him as a favorite. I’d say Kimahri is maybe my favorite. I just kinda like that he’s protective and honorable, despite being an outcast. As for Aeons, Ifrit or Anima. Former cause he’s just a cool character, and the latter because he’s pretty dang powerful.
  8. i am a regular player on call of duty modern warfare. i play a lot of search and destroy and i can tell you, the most over used gun is the mp5. it has one of the most highest time per kill as a smg. its nearly impossible to go up against it with any other gun. it had a nerf like a week ago but its still need another nerf in my opinion.
  9. Am I the only person who likes Seymour Guado from ffx? Anyone play the game? Favorite characters? Aeons? I feel this game needs a little more love.
  10. Anyone remember that game? I was playing it awhile ago. Its definitely worth a play. Final fantasy mixed with like.. Idk Go check it ouuuttt
  11. SPOILERS (DUH) . . . . . . . Someone tell me they won't be going back to the original story? I like this new timeline and or plot line.
  12. I like the little techno version of FF7’s theme I forget what it’s called got in one of the early chapters of FF7 remake.
  13. Happy July 4th folks be safe!

    1. Nanaki


      Hope you had a good one!

  14. Final Fantasy XIV's delayed 5.3 patch will now arrive on August 11, Square Enix has announced. The update was originally scheduled to release on June 16 but had to be pushed back due to production difficulties that arose from the COVID-19 pandemic.   Square Enix will share more details about the upcoming 5.3 patch in the lead up to its release. The company will... Read the full story here
  15. If you have not played or finished the game please refrain from this topic! The people that played and finished, how did it make you feel?
  16. There is a book that came out/coming out
  17. OK. So playing X I started playing X-2.. Why was that game even a thing? I have a love/hate relationship with it. What does anyone else think of the game? Have you even played it?
  18. Speaking of FFXV are they gonna release some more DLC or is SE still on they’re “we canceled all future DLC even though we left the sorry incomplete” bit. Sheesh.
  19. I've never played the original but basically know the whole story given it's popularity and existence for over 20 years. I hope they keep changing it where they deem appropriate. It helps for some epic moments given their episodic structure and it's the original devs creating it as if it were the base concept of Final Fantasy 16 (instead of just prettier graphics).
  20. How many people here played the OG? If so are you hoping they keep with the new story or go with what they have now?
  21. It is worth a play.. Do side quests to learn more about the boys and what not
  22. I'm so excited it will be backwards compatible
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