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    As a (belated) celebration for Final Fantasy Extreme's return, we're holding a giveaway / contest awarding prizes to five (5) forum members. No purchase is needed, you just need to register a FREE account with FFExtreme to be eligible to win. This is exclusively a community building effort in hopes of bringing back the more personalize, cozy atmosphere that fan sites are known for!... Read the full story here
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    Since FF7R is rewriting some events, Advent Children and DoC might not be accurate to the Remake's story. So, I'm unsure if they're interchangeable here. I'd go on about why but I definitely don't want to spoil it.
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    The Sky City of Bhujerba (Final Fantasy XII)
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    I think X-2 wraped the whole story pretty well, so I don't see the need for it. In contrast, a prequel where you get to explore Auron, Jecht and Braska's travels would be so much more interesting to me.
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    cosmo canyon. it's the most beautiful and magical place in ff world. the culture, the diversity of people there. it's unbelievably beautiful
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    Since I can see that more and more games in the future will use fully 3D models for all games, I hope they introduce a lot more VR with them like RE7. The demo is truly outstanding and its the first video that is getting me really hyped for next gen.
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    I am team Jesse all the way. She has way more character this time around in contrast to the original.
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    I would literally die for a chance to get a copy. I know I already posted but my love for FFVII goes beyond the game.. Ive made friends over the years because of it. VII isn't just a game to me, its part of my life.
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    I enjoyed the Caribbean world in the series. In KH2 just playing thru the Black Pearl storyline as a treat, and in KH3 getting to sail and explore all of the islands was great enjoyment for me!
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    I'd love to own a physical copy of FFVIIR! I already own the digital and have the OG game
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    So... I'm curious if this is as well-recieved to others as it is to me. Was Crystal Chronicles a popular one or was it one of those obscure FF's? Personally, i played the shit out of this back in the golden ages of the GameCube and never really got to get into the multiplayer aspects for obvious reasons. I always wanted to since there was just so much more in multiplayer, so I'm excited for those in the remaster. It's to my understanding that they're going to be built-in this time? Does this mean it'll have some servers? The thought of having this game on another console with fully accessible multiplayer, to be able to go through all those nostalgic areas again alongside other people is so hype for me.
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    According to VG24/7, Square Enix has opted to not host an online gaming event show like other publishers have decided to do. This essentially means that Square Enix will release new information, press release style individually for each game they currently have in-development. This new method is in response to the COVID-19 epidemic that caused the cancellation of this year’s E3. Expect Square Enix... Read the full story here
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    I really enjoy it. I think they've made a really good job of breaking it up successfully, I was really worried that cutting it down to the Midgar segment would leave it lacking but 40hrs in and I'm still plugging away towards that platinum trophy!
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    The site design is incredibly sleek. Seems like a great forum so far.
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    Yeah, the chapters really vary in length. I wrote the FFE review for the game, though writing isn't my strong suit but hopefully I did alright lol: https://ffextreme.com/ff7remake I enjoyed the game. I feel as long as people see it as a new entity in a familiar setting (a "what if") rather than a replacement, they'll probably like it too. I loved the atmosphere, it had good voice acting, was gorgeous, and the gameplay is fun. I mean, never been big on turn-based systems, so I'm a little bias there. However, I feel they balanced it well with the whole time slow down thing when navigating menus, something that's super annoying with the KH games menu. Super excited for the next episode.
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    Let’s do it! Will do my part to help for sure!
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    Absolutely. It's the first Final Fantasy games I've played in quite a long time and holy hell is it fun. I actually enjoy the action-based battle style, the character development/dialog is actually great, and it's just gorgeous. I never actually played the original so it's relatively fresh to me, despite knowing some plot points already. I'm planning on getting the new site released this week but this addictive game is making that difficult lol.
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    Golden Sun is a game that I will never forget in a hurry. The thing about this game is the way the developers took time to make the graphics quite clear and enjoyable that you will want to continue for a long time.
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    I've been on a retro-RPG kick lately and have been wanting to revisit some classics. Chrono Cross is one of the best RPGs of the Playstation era and I'd like to find a game similar to it. One of the most enjoyable aspects of Chrono Cross is the wide array of playable characters that you can discover and have join your party. Right now I'm replaying Legend of Dragoon and it isn't as great upon revisiting. The story is... lacking, but the battle system is still enjoyable. I've never played Chrono Trigger but have had that suggested before. I could never get into the aesthetic style of the game.
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    Mad signing up to this place again. Would be cool to reconnect with the old forum people, but meeting new people is cool as well. ? Loving the new layout by the way, it looks awesome! P.S: This guy needs to be reinstated as a smiley.
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