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    It's been a while since I did much forum browsing, but I've been looking for a new place to make my casual posting site of choice. Work is dull and I hardly ever go out except for on the weekends, so I really enjoy having a place to chat with people during the week when I've got the free time. I haven't played every FF game out there but I've got a lot of strong memories attached to games like FF4, FF7, and Kingdom Hearts from my childhood. I look forward to recommendations and discussion.
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    True to that. I remember back in the day when I told a few of my close friends that I am venturing into something new and I would like to earn without leaving our house they all laughed at me. One of them even said that he'll have his arm cut off if I ever did find one. Now here I am, and it's so fun to prove them wrong, LOL.
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    I love your avatar @Dragoon McKnight. ?You're right in saying that Chrono Games aren't that long. Although it took me more than 30 hours to finish the game on my first play through. I explored every nook and cranny of each and every village and also got lost in various dungeons. In my succeeding play throughs, I finished the game in a much shorter period. Did I enjoy the replays? Yep. Very much. Because I loved all the characters.
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    That's kind of alerting. It's like your body isn't fully asleep. It's on the lookout for that sun to hit your face in the morning and signals you to wake up. People "recover" in a sense when they go to sleep. Deep sleep to be a little more technical. It's the kind of sleep where even sounds from the surroundings don't wake you. The fact that you're not going into this state means your body isn't "sleeping". You feel tired in the morning due to this. When it becomes a habit, you don't feel like it but secretly your body does.
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    This is a good time to sleep. I always wake up most days by 4am and sleeping early is one of the ways that I always get to keep my mind and body in a good state. The work that I do is a stressful one, so mapping out time to sleep always help me at the end of the day.
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    Seriously, some games are designed to never be completed in my opinion because when you see the task such games posses for one to finish, it will be completely useless trying over and over again and still keep losing over and over again. It's so useless to me by still trying to finish the game. So, I would quit it and start to play a new one.
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    Yeah I get that. Like people were skeptic of Youtube back in it's early days. Even calling Youtubers to get a real job. Fast forward to 2018, most of them are in mansions and have Lamborghini and crap. A single video can earn up to hundred thousands a day. It's crazy I know. There's no excuse for people to earn money now. It all depends on how crafty you are in earning the money you want.
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    This is a great write-up. If you like trivia and game history I found a couple of fun facts. Dragon Quest was published as Dragon Warrior in North America until 2005; and it is on a list for longest running video game franchises. If you count from 1986 when the first title was released that makes the game 30+ years old.
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    The soundtrack quality has always been one of my favorite parts of the FF series. It's awesome, especially some of the amazing work they managed to do on older consoles with a limited range of sounds and notes to choose from. That being said, as much as I love One Winged Angel, my all time favorite will probably always be the masterpiece that is Dancing Mad.
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