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  1. I remember this coming out on the Gamecube but never played it. Seems it'll have online multiplayer, so I guess so! https://www.reddit.com/r/crystalchronicles/comments/d5y61n/all_known_info_about_crystal_chronicles/
  2. Final Fantasy 7 Remake was originally scheduled for a March 3rd release but as announced by the official Twitter account, it's been delayed roughly a month later on April 10th 2020. The team said that they needed the extra time to better deliver on the high expectations that fans have for the remake of their iconic Final Fantasy entry. The same Twitter account tweeted an important message yesterday for preorders placed through their US store. Customers who preordered the game MUST opt in for the changed release date by February 28th or they will forfeit their preorder. This is likely due to legal obligations regarding marketing since the preordered promised a release date that was later changed. Payment processing for preorders on all opted in accounts will happen on same day as the opt in deadline (February 28th) and a reminder email will be sent out a week before. Final Fantasy VII Remake is a Playstation 4 exclusive (until 2021) set to release April 10th 2020 in all regions. Preorder today on Amazon.
  3. A mere day before Square Enix's E3 2019 conference, they announced that the long-awaited remake of Final Fantasy VII will be released, worldwide, for Playstation 4 (exclusively) on March 3rd, 2020! Along with that surprise announcement was the release of a new trailer. The announcement came from game director Tetsuya Nomura, himself, at the Final Fantasy concert in Los Angeles. He said that Square Enix would make further announcements and reveals on the game on the same day as Square Enix's E3 2020 conference (which they did!). The trailer is short but offers a good preview of the combat system as well as more of that delicious eye candy. Having originally been announced back in 2015 at Sony's E3, this remake had been shrouded in a lot of silence from the company, including a big change in developers and an uncertain future. Now, four years later, fans are finally getting the answers they've been craving and a date for their return to Midgar! FFExtreme will have a lot more FF7 Remake coverage with the release of the new website.
  4. Derek

    R.I.P. PL

    It's a place I advertised the forum for activity. I'm keeping things a bit on the down low until the new site is released. But yeah, definitely some big games coming out!
  5. On the day before Kingdom Hearts 3 worldwide release, Square Enix releases 5 new youtube videos that recap the story of Kingdom Hearts prior to the third major installment. The videos intend to help remind you of the main events of the previous games or just catch up with the vague direction the story has gone. You can view them in order below: Departures, Memories, Twilight, Dawn, and Darkness.
  6. A few months too late but yes, would be great to reconnect with past forum peeps! I need to send a notice to the old 5,000 or so members lol. And that might not in the smilie box yet, but it is a "like" option ?
  7. Any Intel Core brand processor and at least 8GB of memory would cover most needs. Though I aim for i5 or i7 and 16GB memory just to give it plenty to work off of and they aren't "too" pricy for a computer. I'm not up-to-date on the best mobile AMD processors though, but that might be a brand to look at for cheaper options while still being powerful.
  8. They really need to release for XBox One too. My last Playstation was PS2. I mean, KH3 will be available for XBox One, it makes sense to release a "catch up" for XBox One owners. Curious what they mean by "updated graphics" though. Like, Spyro Reingited level or just scaling up to 4k?
  9. Yeah, all the top tabs are coming when the new site releases. And, the shop could be that. It's actually planned to be an affiliate shop with preselected Amazon stuff. Basically a way to discover Square Enix merchandise. This will likely be the case and is a way to support the site while getting something at Amazon. Win win. The one issue with a member Esty listing or so is the possible copyright issues with selling unlicensed Square Enix themed work.
  10. Currently got WoW and Overwatch taking up most of my gaming time. Kingdom Hearts 3 and FF7 remake will be on my rotation when they're out!
  11. I do believe I'll take the lead for now. Or can you even call this a "lead" ?
  12. Favorite!? Oh jeez. I've got a lot that I like and it's hard to really choose just one. Maybe Arcanine? I do like fire-types and who doesn't love a large fluffy dog adorably lighting things on fire?
  13. Oh man... I hope he makes a full recovery! ? Regardless, the guy does deserve a break.
  14. yeah, I plan to rework the code for this in an upcoming theme update. Thanks ?
  15. It's currently a limitation of the software but I do agree. I'd rather it be the most recent replies. I'll look into a solution, whether it's an addon or something I code myself. EDIT: I've changed the feed to show latest replies. This should help.
  16. Derek

    Environmental issue

    There's definitely progress, but does feel a long way off. Better than nothing though. With the USA being a major economic leader and a large contributor of pollution, it's definitely a deep hit that the current administration wants to continue the battle against climate science an environment protections.
  17. It could be that they're focusing on the games coming out soon over games deep in development. Might have to wait until after KH3's release before we learn more about FFVII remake.
  18. Derek

    Environmental issue

    Once we have people willing to accept fact over feelings, we'll be closer to trying to solving environmental problems. Saving dying industries instead of finding and using alternatives will not only stop us from getting better but also further harm the environment. It's sad really. Too many old people in it for their own benefit within their last years alive while screwing over the future generations.
  19. Derek


    Hello Wallet! Welcome to FFE!
  20. Derek


    Looks great! Maybe some level balancing to strength shadows and highlights but the angles and composition are great!
  21. Oh man, I already got FFX and FFX-2 for PC. But maybe I'll go for the other games like IX and CC on there. They might not be adding VII because of their remake being worked on but I don't know. Really, I wish they'd take the moment to do completely redone visuals like the rebooted Bandicoot and Spyro games.
  22. Awesome! I remember the announcement and the poster(?) about it. But actual footage is much better! Also, it's so trippy seeing ingame graphics nearly match cinematic levels now!
  23. Oh, that was in response to some people doing a flame war against FFE earlier this week. I ended up banning them because I'd rather less activity than blatant garbage posting, trolling (30-somethings passing as 13 year old personas), and toxicity over some feud 15-20 years back or whatever. Not sure but eh. I don't mind how long or short posts are, it's all about intent. Good to see ya back! And no pressure. Feel free to post whenever you can ? Oh, and I'm back in the lead! Or wait, the last? I dunno how this works.
  24. It's good they up'ed the resolution but I really wish they'd put more effort into these HD and remastered releases. Similar to how the Crash Bandicoot and Spyro Trilogy reboots are completely remade graphically. True to the intended visuals and the same game, but more to this era. But some FFCC gaming on the go is great improvement from the original at least!
  25. "Last poster wins" threads are hardly anything new. The very concept of message boards have been around since 1970's and FFE has been around since 1999. This thread is a call back to an older FFE spam game thread to just encourage some interaction. I wouldn't be surprised if the people on here now (2018) knew nothing about SquareGamer until you guys brought it up. Hell, reading the your posts on FFE is how I came across your flame war thread and then found the old 2007 thread about "stealing" and something about name copyright? I don't mind SG people being here but if any of you end up flaming or otherwise being intentionally abusive, that's another thing.That's not exclusive to SG members, that's to anyone that makes use of services on our servers. nick13 has been permanently banned for obvious trolling and flaming, brought to here from that SG thread. It's petty to hold a grudge against a small community with a new site owner that has no ties to what the previous owners may or may not have done. So, can we just not do this and be adults?
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