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  1. I've never played the original but basically know the whole story given it's popularity and existence for over 20 years. I hope they keep changing it where they deem appropriate. It helps for some epic moments given their episodic structure and it's the original devs creating it as if it were the base concept of Final Fantasy 16 (instead of just prettier graphics).
  2. Yeah, Discord for gaming chat communities and Reddit for everyone else. You generally need a lot of active posters and then market the forum a LOT to get even more joining in. Something much easier in the older days, but a struggle these days, yeah. The method used to get some active posters when I rereleased these forums in 2018 isn't available anymore, which doesn't help things. And yeah, a lot of fan sites are either gone or became generic blogs. I may might invest more in blogging in the future but the game sections are important too. So, I'll just have to see how things go, but for now, it's just the forums and news commenting that are changing.
  3. Yeah, I mean it's a tough call since there was work done already for them and they're definitely a personal favorite feature of mine. Just without regular activity, it feels more discouraging than meaningful/useful. I'll still keep the work done on this forum in the event a revival is sooner than I would otherwise think! In some way, the improved news comments will be a good balance of what a forum would provide but offer a lower barrier of entry to participate in with topics readily available. It also seems that surviving fan sites these days rely mostly on news and comments, very few with surviving forums. Which is a shame, since forums offer a very personalized community experience.
  4. Annnnd the winners are: Saturnus - 12 posts Wuzimu - 10 posts PlatonicNerd - 8 posts Message me with your choice of a physical copy of FFVII: Remake or a $60 PS Store gift card!
  5. FIRST OFF: Thanks everyone for their support and contributions over the last couple of years! It was all very much appreciated and why this decision is so hard. With the previous methods to seed activity to the forums no longer available and some marketing efforts not able to help revive the community, it's currently planned to close the forums in the near future. Even though the forums aren't taken down right away, do note that they're not actively supported at this time. Unfortunately in this day and age of social networks (especially Reddit) and thanks to the previous owner shutting down the very active FFE forums over a decade ago, building up a forum from scratch is incredibly challenging as a lot of previous members have moved on to other options. So, is the community gone? While the forums themselves will be shutting down, certain social features like the news comments section will be replaced with a new one that has the standard upvoting and threaded reply functionality that people expect. All existing news comments will be migrated to this new system. User accounts will be retained and new password requests will sent out when the migration is complete. Closing the forums is more about not having a graveyard on display and to refocus resources on more impactful areas of the site. What about the contest/giveaway!? As per a listed rule, if we could not get enough participation in the event, the prize pool was subject to change. With that said, the initial 5 prizes has been reduced to 3. To award effort during this event, we'll be giving the 3 prizes to the top three posters shown on this giveaway leaderboard only: https://ffextreme.com/giveaway.php This giveaway was a big push that ultimately had little impact. From hundreds of dollars in marketing to the big attractive prizes, people just don't seem interested in forums any more and anyone that is, already has a forum that they post at. What about the existing content? I'm going to build an export tool to allow logged in users to save their data if they'd like, that'll stay available even after the forums are closed. I may even make a static version of the forum for archival purposes, but it will still be closed to new content. The content that will eventually be available for download are: (Private) Messages Status Updates Posts Topics If there's anything else you'd like to retrieve, let me know. Will the forums ever return? If enough traffic and community is built up in the future, launching a forum-like community feature would then be appropriate to do. However, over time the site has received less and less traffic due to the decade-long drought of content and the irrelevancy of fan sites over the years. With music downloads removed, the site now receives 100-200 visits per day, which is a depressing drop from the 5,000-10,000 back in 2007 and the 500-700 in 2016. To existing staff All your help has been very much appreciated and I'd love to keep you aboard if you're interested. As said, while the forums will be shutting down, the comments feature will be revamped and serve as a better (more active) replacement. FFExtreme isn't going anywhere and I hope to better support contributors with more tailored functionality (and future compensation options).
  6. Yeah, and it feels like console makers think too much about making an art piece presentation than a practical box to go with all the other boxes under your TV lol.
  7. I'd assume that they could also increase poly count and texture resolution on existing assets too. Unlike much older games, a lot of these assets are build from higher quality ones, scaled down either manually or via game engine (like Unreal). Could make FF7 Remake even more pretty besides the advanced lighting but it is crazy how much just better lighting greatly affects realism.
  8. So excited! PS4 has surprisingly been my most played console in like a decade, despite only having it since March. So, I guess I'm a PS fanboy again. lol Real time raytracing is definitely making this upcoming console generation a significant graphical jump, so it'll be neat to see how PS5 handles it.
  9. The leaderboard should update instantly now. https://ffextreme.com/giveaway.php
  10. I haven’t played the remaster, but I assume it’s just in HD? Man, I’d love for a remake.
  11. Probably best that they don’t compete with the current event going on.
  12. There’s been some back and forth about the credibility of the rumor but I’d hope they do a reimagining on the otherwise complicated story if they did make one lol
  13. SUPER excited! Got my PS4 only a little over a month ago but have surprisingly played it more than any other console I’ve owned in the last decade! So, I guess I’m on Team PlayStation again lol Considering what Unreal Engine 5 can do, next gen should be pretty damn awesome.
  14. I've noticed that the leaderboard on the forums is a little weird on its scoring for our needs. So, I coded up something to better track placement. The "top 3 posters" is specifically intended to be the top 3 members with the most posts during this contest/giveaway. In the event of a tie, the person who signed up the earliest is given the higher placement. https://ffextreme.com/giveaway.php It's updated every 5 minutes. EDIT: cron isn’t running properly, so I’ll just manually update it daily for now.
  15. I haven't seen/played any of it myself but it would be cool if they did a Re: Chain of Memories style remake of it for PS4 or so.
  16. According to the official Twitter account for the upcoming mobile game in the Kingdom Hearts series, the release of Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road has been pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The team apologizes for the delay, saying they had otherwise tried their best to maintain the original Spring 2020 release. They continue in saying that they'll have an announcement about the game... Read the full story here
  17. This was talked about a bit last year as a game the devs would like to someday make, with one even saying it could be the next one after the Remake (and all its parts) is done. But is this a game anyone wants? I feel it'd be another FFX-2 situation; Interesting gameplay but annoying story and characters.
  18. Super hard to pick an absolute favorite for me because they all had their own charm that I could appreciate. However, I'd say Halloween Town, Pride Lands, and the Timeless River are my top ones.
  19. Who's your favorite character so far from the Remake (or original if you haven't played Remake yet)? While I obviously have a love for Red XIII, I gotta say that Aerith is super awesome. They did a great job making her carefree yet sassy.
  20. Changed my name to something less dull lol ❤️ Red XIII

  21. Since FF7R is rewriting some events, Advent Children and DoC might not be accurate to the Remake's story. So, I'm unsure if they're interchangeable here. I'd go on about why but I definitely don't want to spoil it.
  22. It's a tower defense reskin game, right? Yeah, I'll stick to the main series but props to those that do enjoy it!
  23. Big fan of Hollow Skies and Collapsed Expressway
  24. Yeah, I'm mostly working on the site, work assignments, and currently playing Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD. I look forward to be able to go out and party more again.
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