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  1. I've noticed that the leaderboard on the forums is a little weird on its scoring for our needs. So, I coded up something to better track placement. The "top 3 posters" is specifically intended to be the top 3 members with the most posts during this contest/giveaway. In the event of a tie, the person who signed up the earliest is given the higher placement. https://ffextreme.com/giveaway.php It's updated every 5 minutes.
  2. I haven't seen/played any of it myself but it would be cool if they did a Re: Chain of Memories style remake of it for PS4 or so.
  3. According to the official Twitter account for the upcoming mobile game in the Kingdom Hearts series, the release of Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road has been pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The team apologizes for the delay, saying they had otherwise tried their best to maintain the original Spring 2020 release. They continue in saying that they'll have an announcement about the game... Read the full story here
  4. This was talked about a bit last year as a game the devs would like to someday make, with one even saying it could be the next one after the Remake (and all its parts) is done. But is this a game anyone wants? I feel it'd be another FFX-2 situation; Interesting gameplay but annoying story and characters.
  5. Super hard to pick an absolute favorite for me because they all had their own charm that I could appreciate. However, I'd say Halloween Town, Pride Lands, and the Timeless River are my top ones.
  6. Who's your favorite character so far from the Remake (or original if you haven't played Remake yet)? While I obviously have a love for Red XIII, I gotta say that Aerith is super awesome. They did a great job making her carefree yet sassy.
  7. Changed my name to something less dull lol ❤️ Red XIII

  8. Since FF7R is rewriting some events, Advent Children and DoC might not be accurate to the Remake's story. So, I'm unsure if they're interchangeable here. I'd go on about why but I definitely don't want to spoil it.
  9. It's a tower defense reskin game, right? Yeah, I'll stick to the main series but props to those that do enjoy it!
  10. Big fan of Hollow Skies and Collapsed Expressway
  11. Yeah, I'm mostly working on the site, work assignments, and currently playing Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD. I look forward to be able to go out and party more again.
  12. I hope they do release it via Xbox and PC, but Sony has exclusivity for the next year. I may have bought a PS4 slim for this game >.> Though, also got a lot of other games with it lol.
  13. As a (belated) celebration for Final Fantasy Extreme's return, we're holding a giveaway / contest awarding prizes to five (5) forum members. No purchase is needed, you just need to register a FREE account with FFExtreme to be eligible to win. This is exclusively a community building effort in hopes of bringing back the more personalize, cozy atmosphere that fan sites are known for!... Read the full story here
  14. Here's hoping there's some news on FFVII: Remake Episode 2 soon!
  15. Today, Epic Games announced the upcoming version of their licensable game engine, Unreal Engine 5. Set to release in 2021, the two important areas of improvement they focused on for this new engine was Global Dynamic Illumination (better lighting techniques) and Truly Virtualized Geometry (automatic optimization of 3D object geometry allowing for film quality assets to be dropped in). These two new technologies, named... Read the full story here
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