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  1. I've noticed that the leaderboard on the forums is a little weird on its scoring for our needs. So, I coded up something to better track placement. The "top 3 posters" is specifically intended to be the top 3 members with the most posts during this contest/giveaway. In the event of a tie, the person who signed up the earliest is given the higher placement. https://ffextreme.com/giveaway.php It's updated every 5 minutes.
  2. I haven't seen/played any of it myself but it would be cool if they did a Re: Chain of Memories style remake of it for PS4 or so.
  3. According to the official Twitter account for the upcoming mobile game in the Kingdom Hearts series, the release of Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road has been pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The team apologizes for the delay, saying they had otherwise tried their best to maintain the original Spring 2020 release. They continue in saying that they'll have an announcement about the game... Read the full story here
  4. This was talked about a bit last year as a game the devs would like to someday make, with one even saying it could be the next one after the Remake (and all its parts) is done. But is this a game anyone wants? I feel it'd be another FFX-2 situation; Interesting gameplay but annoying story and characters.
  5. Super hard to pick an absolute favorite for me because they all had their own charm that I could appreciate. However, I'd say Halloween Town, Pride Lands, and the Timeless River are my top ones.
  6. Who's your favorite character so far from the Remake (or original if you haven't played Remake yet)? While I obviously have a love for Red XIII, I gotta say that Aerith is super awesome. They did a great job making her carefree yet sassy.
  7. Changed my name to something less dull lol ❤️ Red XIII

  8. Since FF7R is rewriting some events, Advent Children and DoC might not be accurate to the Remake's story. So, I'm unsure if they're interchangeable here. I'd go on about why but I definitely don't want to spoil it.
  9. It's a tower defense reskin game, right? Yeah, I'll stick to the main series but props to those that do enjoy it!
  10. Big fan of Hollow Skies and Collapsed Expressway
  11. Yeah, I'm mostly working on the site, work assignments, and currently playing Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD. I look forward to be able to go out and party more again.
  12. I hope they do release it via Xbox and PC, but Sony has exclusivity for the next year. I may have bought a PS4 slim for this game >.> Though, also got a lot of other games with it lol.
  13. As a (belated) celebration for Final Fantasy Extreme's return, we're holding a giveaway / contest awarding prizes to five (5) forum members. No purchase is needed, you just need to register a FREE account with FFExtreme to be eligible to win. This is exclusively a community building effort in hopes of bringing back the more personalize, cozy atmosphere that fan sites are known for!... Read the full story here
  14. Here's hoping there's some news on FFVII: Remake Episode 2 soon!
  15. Today, Epic Games announced the upcoming version of their licensable game engine, Unreal Engine 5. Set to release in 2021, the two important areas of improvement they focused on for this new engine was Global Dynamic Illumination (better lighting techniques) and Truly Virtualized Geometry (automatic optimization of 3D object geometry allowing for film quality assets to be dropped in). These two new technologies, named... Read the full story here
  16. Yeah, the chapters really vary in length. I wrote the FFE review for the game, though writing isn't my strong suit but hopefully I did alright lol: https://ffextreme.com/ff7remake I enjoyed the game. I feel as long as people see it as a new entity in a familiar setting (a "what if") rather than a replacement, they'll probably like it too. I loved the atmosphere, it had good voice acting, was gorgeous, and the gameplay is fun. I mean, never been big on turn-based systems, so I'm a little bias there. However, I feel they balanced it well with the whole time slow down thing when navigating menus, something that's super annoying with the KH games menu. Super excited for the next episode.
  17. The forum theme is back and technically better than the original one: Less style mishaps (though still a work-in-progress), polished visuals, revised various UX, and added FFE exclusive Moogle emotes to replace the generic ones! Though released and (I believe) stable, I'll continue to update the design to fix bugs and further polish. Moogle Reaction Emotes Known Issues Let me know if you find anything that looks off, even if they're obvious. The tab colors on the topic and post creation/edits seem off. The message while drag/drop on attachment area is white on white. Form input font colors aren't consistent and could use higher contrast. Quotes are a too strong of a blue hue. Breadcrumb section breaks if inner content is too long. Unable to tell what forum of topics I'm currently viewing (on mobile) Selected forum filter is white on white. User menu dropdowns aren't consistent with site's (the site is a recreation, will take time to mimic functionality and appearance) Some checkboxes don't have good contrast.
  18. After months of work, FFExtreme is finally back in action with a modern take on its original 2005 "version 5" design, a much larger content roster, the reopening of its forums, and is now powered by the popular CMS, Wordpress. This brand new start allows for more interactive features and offers a far more accessible platform for continuous updates. Project Phoenix Down was started way back in late 2016 after site's recent acquisition by a former 2003 staff member (myself). For years the site's content wasn't updated and the once thriving community had long left even before the closure of the old forums in 2010. The goal of this project was to modernize FFExtreme and give it a strong fighting chance of returning to the glory that it once had. A lot of hard work went into sourcing/creating content as well as developing custom plugins for the CMS to provide many iconic fan site features (e.g. forums integration, site updates, game section menus, reviews, and more)... – But this isn't the end The project is far from complete; Truth be told, this is more of a public beta as there's still plenty more work to be done. To make this release happen, I needed to delay some walkthroughs and extensive content sections. Hell, even the implementation of our download library has been delayed while we figure out how to properly bring them back on this new system! The success of this rebirth can't be done alone and so... – I need your help FFExtreme needs to build up an enthusiastic volunteer staff to help populate it with new content, improve existing content, and to kickstart the community. While an unpaid job initially, I am actively exploring options to compensate for work done as we grow. If you're interested in learning more or know someone else who might be, please check out the volunteer section. Every little bit of effort helps, even if it's just two news posts a month. If you're not interested in a staff position, participating in our community is more than enough. Membership is 100% FREE AND logged in users see less ads! I can't emphasis enough how important and appreciated your participation is. So, I hope see you there! The future is bright As said plenty of times already, the work isn't over. More interactive features will slowly pop up over the upcoming months for members to take advantage of; Like user submitted game reviews, game following, sharing fan art, discovering Twitch streams, and more. FFE's game coverage (including brand new Final Fantasy VII: Remake) will continue to be expanded on with reviews, guide content, and walkthroughs. Final Fantasy isn't going away any time soon and neither is FFExtreme. And finally, thank you for your continued support and welcome to the new beginnings of this historic Square Enix fan site! Psst... A bonus for FFE veterans: Remember this website design? Or perhaps this intro? What a blast from the early 2000's past! Read the full story here
  19. Absolutely. It's the first Final Fantasy games I've played in quite a long time and holy hell is it fun. I actually enjoy the action-based battle style, the character development/dialog is actually great, and it's just gorgeous. I never actually played the original so it's relatively fresh to me, despite knowing some plot points already. I'm planning on getting the new site released this week but this addictive game is making that difficult lol.
  20. Back in 2015, Square Enix announced that a full remake of their iconic Final Fantasy VII game was in full production, following years of increased fan requests and rumors after their 2005 PS3 demo. Fast forward to April 10, 2020, Final Fantasy VII Remake is now available to play on PlayStation 4. You can buy it directly on the PlayStation Store or through an online retailer like Amazon. While the remake generally follows the story and feel of the original game, a lot of mechanics and visuals have received a more modern take, making this less of a visual refresh and more of a reinterpretation of a PS1 classic that came out just over two decades ago. Final Fantasy 7 Remake offers a more detailed story with deeper character development that follows the original game's arc (new story elements), various added side quests, new boss fights, a dancing mini game, a new method for acquiring Materia, some characters make their appearances sooner, and much more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tm_-pwBQu_0 The battle system adopts the action RPG style of Square's recent games while adding a slow motion mechanic when navigating the menus for actions like using magic, special abilities, or items. The game also introduces a "Classic mode" for players that want to focus more on strategy than action. This is not a turn-based battle system but rather it automates the player’s character during combat; Letting the AI take over to move, guard, and attack. Players can also switch between characters on the battlefield at will, offering additional strategy like switching from Cloud to Barret in order to use his arm cannon to attack enemies that are otherwise out of Cloud's reach. Final Fantasy 7 Remake's release today isn't the end, The Square Enix has confirmed that the game will be episodic, with the initial release focusing on just Midgar. Each episode is said to be a full size game in similar in the way as the Final Fantasy XIII series. They defended this decision by saying it allows them to deliver the full game instead of cutting cut or under delivering due to constraints. There's no confirmation on how many of these episodes there will ultimately be. Read the full story here
  21. On Tuesday, Sony unveiled their next generation console's controller called the DualSense™ wireless controller, finally dropping the DualShock name that was held since its 1997 debut on the original PlayStation console. The layout is very similar to the PlayStation 4's but with a far more slick and modern two-tone design. Besides looks, Sony promises that the technology within the hardware will deliver a whole new feeling of immersion in combination with the PS5's Tempest 3D AudioTech. The new controller builds upon the lessons of the DualShock 4 with the adoption of haptic feedback which provides a broader range of vibration levels and sensations. Other features include expanding on the industry-first share button (now called "create"), adaptive triggers, a built-in microphone array, longer battery life, lighter than prior controllers, and even more to be detailed in the future. Sony claims to have tested the DualSense controller with a variety of hand sizes in order to achieve the comfort level they wanted and minimize the controller's distraction with player immersion. Their president and CEO provided the following comment: “DualSense marks a radical departure from our previous controller offerings and captures just how strongly we feel about making a generational leap with PS5. The new controller, along with the many innovative features in PS5, will be transformative for games – continuing our mission at PlayStation to push the boundaries of play, now and in the future. To the PlayStation community, I truly want to thank you for sharing this exciting journey with us as we head toward PS5’s launch in Holiday 2020. We look forward to sharing more information about PS5, including the console design, in the coming months.” – Jim Ryan, President & CEO, Sony Interactive Entertainment The PlayStation 5 is scheduled for a late 2020 release and we expect to hear more on its features, console design/specs, launch titles, and pricing within the coming months. Read the full story here
  22. I don't have a PS4 but really want this game. So... Guess I'm getting a PS4 lol. Either that or I wait like a year for a PC port.
  23. I remember this coming out on the Gamecube but never played it. Seems it'll have online multiplayer, so I guess so! https://www.reddit.com/r/crystalchronicles/comments/d5y61n/all_known_info_about_crystal_chronicles/
  24. Final Fantasy 7 Remake was originally scheduled for a March 3rd release but as announced by the official Twitter account, it's been delayed roughly a month later on April 10th 2020. The team said that they needed the extra time to better deliver on the high expectations that fans have for the remake of their iconic Final Fantasy entry. The same Twitter account tweeted an important message yesterday for preorders placed through their US store. Customers who preordered the game MUST opt in for the changed release date by February 28th or they will forfeit their preorder. This is likely due to legal obligations regarding marketing since the preordered promised a release date that was later changed. Payment processing for preorders on all opted in accounts will happen on same day as the opt in deadline (February 28th) and a reminder email will be sent out a week before. Final Fantasy VII Remake is a Playstation 4 exclusive (until 2021) set to release April 10th 2020 in all regions. Preorder today on Amazon.
  25. A mere day before Square Enix's E3 2019 conference, they announced that the long-awaited remake of Final Fantasy VII will be released, worldwide, for Playstation 4 (exclusively) on March 3rd, 2020! Along with that surprise announcement was the release of a new trailer. The announcement came from game director Tetsuya Nomura, himself, at the Final Fantasy concert in Los Angeles. He said that Square Enix would make further announcements and reveals on the game on the same day as Square Enix's E3 2020 conference (which they did!). The trailer is short but offers a good preview of the combat system as well as more of that delicious eye candy. Having originally been announced back in 2015 at Sony's E3, this remake had been shrouded in a lot of silence from the company, including a big change in developers and an uncertain future. Now, four years later, fans are finally getting the answers they've been craving and a date for their return to Midgar! FFExtreme will have a lot more FF7 Remake coverage with the release of the new website.
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