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  1. Hey Derek, can’t seem to log in to post news! It’s been dry but I found a some what interesting piece of info I wanted to share!
  2. Seymour came off as an ass, I can see his complexity though since he’s half human and it makes for an interesting character development, but nah never liked him. I actually don’t have a favorite FFX character.
  3. I like the little techno version of FF7’s theme I forget what it’s called got in one of the early chapters of FF7 remake.
  4. Happy July 4th folks be safe!

    1. Nanaki


      Hope you had a good one!

  5. Final Fantasy XIV's delayed 5.3 patch will now arrive on August 11, Square Enix has announced. The update was originally scheduled to release on June 16 but had to be pushed back due to production difficulties that arose from the COVID-19 pandemic.   Square Enix will share more details about the upcoming 5.3 patch in the lead up to its release. The company will... Read the full story here
  6. Speaking of FFXV are they gonna release some more DLC or is SE still on they’re “we canceled all future DLC even though we left the sorry incomplete” bit. Sheesh.
  7. Motion capturing has seemingly begun for part 2 of FFVII: Remake. Haruka Shibai and Katsuyuki Yamasaki, who are the motion capture artists for Tifa Lockhart and Cloud Strife, are working together again, according to a twitter post by Shibai. In particular, Shibai spoke about the challenges of working remotely on performance during the coronavirus pandemic, stating she is “impressed and thankful to the staff... Read the full story here
  8. How does one even go about promoting forums now adays. I know maybe of one that’s still active, a KH fansite, but other than that I can’t think of much. It speaks volumes that FFE is still up and running, given how many other fansites have shut down or just linger for the sake of nostalgic purposes! It’s these damn discord communities too they’ve taken the place of the forums, and I’m sure one day something else will take discord’s place. Vicious cycle man! Excited to see the new comment system for sure!
  9. A slew of projects involving Kingdom Hearts have just been revealed, these projects seem to be tentatively scheduled for 2020. As some of you may know the new smart phone game Dark Road, a prequel focused on the main antagonist, Xehanort was also included in trailer. In brief the trailer included: Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road - scheduled for a June 22, 2020 release Kingdom... Read the full story here
  10. Ahh that’s too bad I really like the forums, but understand where you’re coming from, Forums were the rage not too long ago maybe one day! Either way I’ll be around posting news and whatnot! Let me know how else I can help!
  11. I just wanna see FF7 remake on the PS5 hopefully they feature that! Approximately 38 minutes left!
  12. Sony has posted an update on their official PlayStation blog indicating updated reveal date for the PS5.   Sony will unveil the PS5 tomorrow at approximately 1PM Pacific Time (4PM Eastern Time) on their YouTube and Twitch channels.   To read the updated press release click here. Read the full story here
  13. PlayStation announced on twitter that it has postponed the PS5 reveal event that was scheduled to stream on June 4, 2020.   They’re reason for the postponement is to give more attention to other issues that are currently impacting the nation at this time.   We’ll update further on a new reveal date as soon as possible. Read the full story here
  14. Happy birthday @adm1r!

  15. President and CEO of Sony Interactive, Jim Ryan has announced the reveal date for the highly anticipated PS5 gaming console. Thursday, June 4, at 1:00 PM Pacific Time (4:00 PM Eastern Time) will be the scheduled reveal. The event will be streamed online through PlayStation’s official Twitch & YouTube.   Check out the official press release on PlayStation’s blog by clicking here.     Read the full story here
  16. I say good, gotta stop milking the Xehanort saga it’s over, it’s finished!
  17. Today Square Enix announced the establishment of a new subsidiary company, Square Enix AI & Arts Alchemy.   The main focal point for this company will be to use Artificial Intelligence data collected by Square Enix related to digital media and entertainment. The plan is for this new company to utilize this data, and incorporate it into future video games, including the entertainment industry... Read the full story here
  18. According to online reports that have surfaced in the past few days its been revealed that a Kingdom Hearts CG animated TV show is in the works. The reported show is said to be exclusively aired on the Disney+ online streaming platform. Emre Keya of The Cinema Spot states, that in the past Disney had plans to produce a KH TV show but disagreements... Read the full story here
  19. Wasn’t there some sort of sequel novel that was released during an FFX/X-2 anniversary edition not too long ago? It’d be cool nonetheless to play a 3rd part, always had a soft spot for FFX.
  20. If you wanna get into the lore from start to finish in linear order then try going this route: Before Crisis (mobile game, you’ll probably have trouble ever finding this one, so check YouTube, it’s a neat story from a different perspective, however, it kinda overlaps with CC) -> Crisis Core -> Final Fantasy 7 (remake/original) -> Advent Children (CGI sequel) -> Dirge of Cerberus (video game sequel, taking place after AC) OR Just play CC and then FF7R to get the gist of everything. Keep in mind FF7R is releasing in parts so if you want the complete story from start to finish sooner rather than later you’d have to play the original FF7 (which is long as hell lol), its your choice have fun!
  21. According to VG24/7, Square Enix has opted to not host an online gaming event show like other publishers have decided to do. This essentially means that Square Enix will release new information, press release style individually for each game they currently have in-development. This new method is in response to the COVID-19 epidemic that caused the cancellation of this year’s E3. Expect Square Enix... Read the full story here
  22. Let’s talk what is everyone’s thoughts on FF7R? Mechanics and overall gameplay and story? Personally I’ve enjoyed it thus far, however some of the chapters are pretty lengthy. For example. I’m currently on Chapter 11, Train Graveyard is a lot of back and forth, but hey that’s what FF7 was all about wasn’t it?!
  23. Let’s do it! Will do my part to help for sure!
  24. I have been slowly accumulating some more free time, and have had a chance to play FF7R it’s incredible. I’ll have to post some screenshots on how it everything looks gameplay wise.
  25. I’m still debating on the pre-order purchase. To pre-order or not pre-order ‘tis the question.
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