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  1. Welcome to my page! Ciao!

  2. I still play this mobile p2p "game" but I am careful about how much I spend. But I have been since 2017. Does anyone else here still play?
  3. I had a huge cyber punk phase and dig Follow the Cipher. I’m hoping for a new album.
  4. Hi - first go around with 7? at this point why not enjoy the new one first and stay in the now? if you digged it - then replaying the 97 release will be cool after because you compare/contrast the two tellings of the story. CC and Dirge are good lore, but likely you’ll watch online easier then grabbing a PS Vita ha. Have fun!
  5. Hi! looking forward to the release. I wonder if each installment will have a individual ost set or if this set covers the 3?
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