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  1. Am I the only person who likes Seymour Guado from ffx? Anyone play the game? Favorite characters? Aeons? I feel this game needs a little more love.
  2. Anyone remember that game? I was playing it awhile ago. Its definitely worth a play. Final fantasy mixed with like.. Idk Go check it ouuuttt
  3. SPOILERS (DUH) . . . . . . . Someone tell me they won't be going back to the original story? I like this new timeline and or plot line.
  4. If you have not played or finished the game please refrain from this topic! The people that played and finished, how did it make you feel?
  5. There is a book that came out/coming out
  6. OK. So playing X I started playing X-2.. Why was that game even a thing? I have a love/hate relationship with it. What does anyone else think of the game? Have you even played it?
  7. How many people here played the OG? If so are you hoping they keep with the new story or go with what they have now?
  8. It is worth a play.. Do side quests to learn more about the boys and what not
  9. I'm so excited it will be backwards compatible
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