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  1. Yay! Played thru the Demo, and replaying the original version!
  2. Played to demo, but haven't purchased the game yet. Did redeem the Butterfingers deals to get the DLC stuff, so I have that to look forward to whenever I do get FFVIIR.
  3. there is an upcoming KH mobile game, titled Dark Road, which puts the spotlight on Xehanort's and Eraqus's youth. I'd be excited if story development in that game pertains to events in future KH console games!
  4. I play too much KHUX and pretty active on the Discord servers. I enjoy the game system and strategy, as well as the canon story development. I hope KHUX (or Dark Road) has more tie-ins to gameplay of future KH console games (such as earning the Starlight keyblade in KH3 for completing the Kingdom Klassic mini-games in the KHUX xTres feature)
  5. I enjoyed the Caribbean world in the series. In KH2 just playing thru the Black Pearl storyline as a treat, and in KH3 getting to sail and explore all of the islands was great enjoyment for me!
  6. Haven't played 358/2 but viewed all the cutscenes via youtube. Looking forward to a port for home console someday...
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