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  1. I’m still debating on the pre-order purchase. To pre-order or not pre-order ‘tis the question.
  2. Andriux

    R.I.P. PL

    I’m curious, what’s PL? I’m sure it’ll pick up here once summer is in full throttle! Waiting for all this new info on upcoming games (ahem FF7 Remake, KH DLC, Star Ocean 6) to drop is like waiting on the Doomsday Clock.
  3. After months of news coverage, the highly anticipated sequel has been released in Japan (for now), the North American version will release on January 29th, 2019. Kingdom Hearts Repertory which streams all things Kingdom Hearts related media will provide a complete walkthrough of the Japanese version on their YouTube page that includes all gameplay footage. Click the link below at your own discretion. Kingdom Hearts III Full Playthrough (Japanese Release)
  4. Oathkeeper’s simplicity has always appealed to me. So I’d have to pick that one. Kingdom Key D is awesome too, but if I had to pick it would definitely be Oathkeeper.
  5. That’d too bad I was looking forward to them giving this one a proper ending sheesh. I can’t handle all these cancellations lol!
  6. Hollow Bastion means everything to me! I was upset that we didn’t get a chance to revisit the castle in KH2, radiant garden was cool nonetheless.
  7. Pretty soon I’ll play RDR2 until my dumb obsession with KHUX will suffice haha! However, I would love to get into Star Wars: The Old Republic as well just need a copy of Windows for my MacBook’s boot camp.
  8. The gameplay looks sick I think we’ll be pleasantly surprised, I mean 10 plus years right? On one of the discord servers I visit someone posted a screenshot of Sora on Mount Olympus can’t find it anymore sheesh.
  9. As promised, Square Enix revealed the extended Big Hero 6 trailer for KH3 just days prior to the start of the Tokyo Game Show. In short the trailer itself is 3 minutes and 43 seconds long, approximately 2 minutes worth of extended footage primarily composed of more gameplay, cutscenes which include mild spoilers so be prepared. KH3 - Big Hero 6 Extended Trailer Coinciding with the new trailer, Tetsuya Nomura revealed the box cover art for the PS4 and XBOX One release.
  10. I heard that the remake will be so large that they're going to give it to us in parts, is this true? I'm still waiting for them to finish the dang Compilation series that they abruptly stopped sheesh.
  11. Ahead of the 2018 Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix has revealed a new KH3 teaser trailer that reveal the playable world of Disney's Big Hero 6. On top of showing off the world, the trailer features gummi ship customization, keyblade transformations, and a few other surprises. The new trailer is available on Square Enix's offcial Kingdom Hearts YouTube page click the link below to view it! Kingdom Hearts 3 - Big Hero 6 Trailer (Note: It has been said this is a partial trailer, and the complete trailer will be available at the TGS) The 2018 Tokyo Game Show begins Thursday, September 20th and ends Sunday, September 23rd!
  12. Man, I remember first learning about FFVII through KH, however, the first one I played was FFIX, looking back at it now it wasn’t the best game I played but that’s what help jumpstart my fascination with the FF mythos.
  13. Good on you man. Myself like everyone else has become obsessed with playing anything related to KH, all the money wasted haha!
  14. Square Enix has recently announced their demo lineup for Gamescom 2018 in Cologne, Germany. KH3 will be one of the featured playable demos at the event, which begins August 21st and ends on August 25th. On top of the playable content there will be an added bonus for attendees. Square Enix’s statement is as follows: Gamescom attendees are invited to share the magic of KINGDOM HEARTS III with two playable demos, a boss battle against the Rock Titan from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Hercules and uncovering the Toy Box world from Toy Story alongside Woody and Buzz. Visitors can also take part in prime picture opportunities including a giant Keyblade and becoming a real life toy in a replica of Andy’s room from the Disney•Pixar classic Toy Story. Kingdom Hearts III is available for pre-order for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
  15. Well, I’m not exactly a veteran per se. I’m an obsessive Kingdom Hearts fan. When I first played KH back in 2003 there was a select group of characters that intrigued me (Squall, Yuffie, Aerith, and that emo looking guy Cloud lol). Anyway, my intrigue led me to do research on these characters so I looked them up on the good ole’ slow dial-up web, and FFE was one of the options that came up in the search, and I remember being so intrigued by the name “Final Fantasy Extreme” so I had to click. Needles to say I found a lot of the information I needed to better understand what Final Fantasy was all about on this site, and when I had enough money to buy the games I used the guides on here during my playthroughs. FFE was really my first experience with the FF/RPG community. I remember registering on the old forums, but I was a shy kid back in the day so chatting on the web was not my forte at all, maybe I posted here and there, but I do remember having a brief conversation with a user on here. I can’t remember the username, however, I remember their avatar was The Twins from Matrix Reloaded lol. Ever since 03’ I’ve quietly kept an eye out on FFE through all its iterations, so I had to jump at the opportunity to join the revival!
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