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  1. I think so too. You can't really avoid it. Even if you prevent them from playing these games, they'll decide to go behind your back. You're just giving them more motivation to go after it. Better to let them play it for themselves along with your supervision. ?
  2. The problem is that not everyone has air conditioning. And even those who do have AC units, they don't usually use it until forced to do so. The electricity bill is very high during Summer time. That's why people usually go to the mall. Free air conditioning! ?
  3. Yes, it's difficult when that happens. I've had a few nights where I barely got any sleep. It was very uncomfortable. Also, I've never used sleeping pills. It might not go well for people who have severe cases of insomnia. Mine was more like a sense of tiredness. Definitely far from crippling. ?
  4. That's okay. You were by no means condescending. ? I feel like things such as this have a textured quality to them. It's very hard to decide how things truly are. Only the people who do those things can actually decide what to do next. As much as we want to help, we can only do so much. The realization must come from them. ?
  5. Steve5


    Sometimes we're awed by the simple beauty of nature. We find that such peaceful surroundings brings us joy. Maybe we can take pictures of our own some time in the future. It would make us very happy. ?
  6. I eat it depending on what time I wake up. The usual is before 6 AM. But sometimes I eat brunch instead whenever I wake up late. I like the usual eggs and bacon. I drink fresh milk to go along with it. Much better compared to eating heavy rice. ?
  7. I get around 8 hours of sleep. But sometimes I get less if I'm busy with job related tasks. It's definitely noticeable whenever you get more than enough sleep. Getting less than 6 hours is not good. You'll feel dizzy and lethargic until you get back to your regular sleep schedule. ?
  8. Me too. Hacking needs skill and knowledge of computer stuff. I'm not really good at using codes in technology. I just prefer to play the game the old fashioned way. But sometimes I like watching how hacks make the game much easier to play. ?
  9. As they always say, health is wealth. All the money in the world can't compare with the quality of living. Even the richest people find it impossible to enjoy life with physical illnesses. So we must avoid damaging our bodies. Ample time for recuperation prolongs our lifespan. ?
  10. That could be the case. Anyway, it's not really our place to say stuff about them. So it's better to let them deal with their choices on their own. Eventually, they'll realize the importance of honesty and integrity. I only hope that by then, it's not too late. ?
  11. I can relate. Playing games for that long tends to make you feel somewhat exhausted. The constant tension in focusing your mind can make you feel tired. And staying in one spot is just as tiring as constantly moving around. You can also get muscle aches from playing too long. ?
  12. It's funny that Youtube has become a hobby of sorts. We practically watch their content on a daily basis. It's like the modern TV. You can watch everything on this platform. That's why I also like spending time viewing new videos such movie trailers and reactions.
  13. That's a nice way to do things. I like that you're also taking time for yourself. Most of us tend to stress ourselves with work. So having time off from the usual pressures of daily living keeps us feeling young and healthy. We all need that me time. ?
  14. I would simply frown and stop playing altogether. Many people call it rage quitting. A better term might be late awareness. Because let's face it, we only realize how unimportant games can be when we lose. We validate our time spent playing as long as we win. Only when we've failed do we get that there are better ways to spend our time. ?
  15. My favorite mobile game is Clash Royale. It's a player versus player battle where you use cards to summon troops and spells to damage enemy towers. You use a form of energy called elixir. Basically, whoever uses their elixir more efficiently wins. I've been playing it for a while now. It's fun and entertaining to play. ?
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