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  1. stbrians


    We seem to be a good number of newbies here. Am one newbie too. It is good to realize that we are many. We can learn together.
  2. I think you should be the one welcoming me. But welcome all the same. I want to really enjoy playing the Final Fantasy games and enjoy posting here. I will do as you say, write my introduction. We are geared to have a nice time together here.
  3. stbrians


    Hello @Steve5 It is great you are here. I joined too and I hope I will enjoy the is fantastic site. I have not been here before and am trying to get into grips with its functions. I wish you a grand voyage here. I need that too. Final fantasy is the place to be.
  4. stbrians


    Hello! Am also new here and have been familiarising myself with the site. We should then welcome each other. You are better off that you were here before. I have not yet watched the fantasy games and am here to play them too. Best regards.
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