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  1. Yes, Freelancing is a part time job for me. I like to be online whenever I get free time and I use my time online to earn some money by the side. Otherwise I work for my family business.Having my own business does give me some amount of freedom and also helps me to work online simultaneously.
  2. Well, I would say that the app that I use the most these days is Facebook. Basically I use Facebook to remain in touch with my relatives and close friends. It feels good to receive responses from your friends when you post your updates and pics on Facebook.It has almost become a habit to login to Facebook every morning and also check it out before going to sleep.
  3. Well, I like most of the Social Media Sites. I would say my most favorite Social Media Sites are Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Facebook has been my favorite for a long time and I use it to interact with my friends and Family. Instagram is my new Favorite as it keeps me updated on the new trends in various fields. Youtube is a good source of getting knowledge and entertainment.
  4. I would say that people who go are proud to have this irritating habit to keep on talking a lot. Most of the times the things they talk have no relevance and it is full of there own bragging. I choose to ignore such persons if I can. However, if I have no choice, then I prefer to just act like I am giving them attention and try to get my work done. Once my work is over I choose to maintain distance from such persons.
  5. Well, I would say that I am more of an extrovert than an introvert. However, I take some time to open up with strangers who I am meeting for the first time. Once I become comfortable then it doesn't take much time for me to befriend people and I am able to open up with them.
  6. Well, I also use both Contact lenses and glasses. I have been using glasses for a long time now. However, Contact lenses give you much more freedom than glasses and make you look good and it also is able to give you a clearer vision. If you are able to take good care of your contact lenses, especially there hygiene then you can use them very comfortably.
  7. Well, I am not a parent myself but I do have a nephew who is around 14 years and he does like to play games. I don't think there is anything wrong in letting the children play games which don't have any kind of adult content. However, if the children get addicted to the games then it's better to limit the use of games in such a case.
  8. jpk0007


    Really nice pics. I also love to take pics wherever I go. these pics are very beautiful. Nature pics are very special and they look amazing everytime you click them. I think that a little editing will make them look more beautiful. I guess the last two pics do have an issue of more sunlight. It does happen when you click pics during the day. But yes I think the pics are very good and I do like them
  9. Breakfast is definitely one of the most important meals that should never be skipped by anyone. I usually take my breakfast at around 8 am every day. I think if you take breakfast at 11 am then its not really the ideal time to have your breakfast. Breakfast is ideally taken in the early hours of the morning. We don't eat anything during the night when we are asleep and breakfast is our first meal of the day.
  10. Getting good sleep is very important for our health. However, sometimes we are not able to sleep due to our work commitments and jobs. I used to sleep for around eight hours in the past, but right now I am able to sleep for around six hours. However, I am going to try to get more sleep in the coming days before the lack of sleep starts affecting my health.
  11. Actually, summers are very hot where I live and therefore I don't think Summer is a season that I would like. I love winters. I feel very fresh and energetic through the winter and you can always wear sweaters, jackets, and coats if the winters become extreme
  12. Well, I think that there is a huge divide right now in between the developed nations and the developing nations regarding the carbon emissions and the problem of global warming. Development is required especially in the countries which lack the basic amenities like housing and infrastructure. But development at the cost of the environment is never desirable. I think that the developed countries must contribute more and help the less developed countries to cut down on the pollution and deforestation
  13. Well no I have never ever hacked a game in order to gain an advantage and make it easy to play the game. Actually, I would never have done it even if I had the ability to do such hacking. The whole purpose of playing a new game will be defeated if you know everything beforehand. After all, we play the games to enjoy them and you can enjoy a game when it is not predictable
  14. Yes one has to do everything that is possible to help the people who need your help. I do always donate a small percentage of my income to a charitable organization in my city which takes care of orphan children. I also do participate in fundraising activities for mentally challenged and spastic children in my city.
  15. I would say that one of my most favourite Anime for all time will definitely be Death Note. it is great that this anime can be viewed in the dubbed version. This Anime has a very interesting and gripping story with a variety of shades including the negative or dark shades, the characters are very well defined and you will always want to see the story till the end.
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