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  1. yes, I agree with you and the saddest thing is they will blame the new gen for the changes when they started it at the first place.
  2. I never hacked a game before, I've tried hacking one just for fun but I am not really good at that stuff so I stopped and never did it again. It was a game made by my friend and he challenge me to hack it, it was a basic game similar to mario.
  3. Mine is youtube, because I love watching random videos and games review on youTube.
  4. Mine is summer, because it is really fun and I love the beach, I love travelling and I love getting out and let the sun touch my skin.
  5. allyn2017


    Thank you, you too have fun here @NerdIndeed. See you around.
  6. It have make me both sociable and anti-social. I avoid people who dislike anime and socialize with people who like the same thing as I did.
  7. I am not comfortable with playing with strangers, I don't trust anyone that I haven't meet or watched played because I don't want to rank down because of other people.
  8. I've watch a game on this one but I haven't played it yet. I want to, but I dont have a budget for a new game. I wish I am not broke.
  9. allyn2017


    hello everyone! I am a newbie here and I wish to have fun and be able to have friends here. I also hope to learn here and be able to participate the discussions.
  10. hello everyone! I am a newbie to this forum, I hope will be friends and I hope I will learn a lot from here, anything from strategy to what video games or anime series to play or watch.
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